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Looking back on 2018, I wanted to share 18 of my favorite things! Please don’t sue me, Oprah! From my favorite dress and favorite jeans to my favorite $15 beauty product and favorite face oil, here were the products I loved the most in 2018. Let me know if you’ve tried any of them + if you have a favorite!

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18 Favorite Things of 2018

Below are my favorite things from 2018, including my favorite dress for day and night, my favorite beauty product under $20, my favorite thing I ate, and the only jeans I wear. Check out the list and be sure to let me know what you think!

Fashion Favorites

Here are the items that made getting dressed easier and more fun!

1. Favorite Day Dress: MDS Stripes

This pink cotton dress by MDS Stripes that I wore here was my favorite dress of 2018. Why? It’s just so easy to throw on, is more comfortable than jeans, and makes me feel put together without even trying, so it makes getting dressed a breeze. It’s still available here in a few sizes and is on sale! If you’re a size 4 or 8, it’s on major sale in orange here.

2. Favorite Fancy Dress: Rixo London

Speaking of dresses, this Rixo London dress that I wore here was my favorite fancy frock of 2018. I can’t resist sparkle, but this dress was even comfortable! While the pastel version is no longer available, it is available here + here (on sale!) in this gorgeous colorway. Mindy Kaling looked fabulous in it on Busy Tonight recently + so did Golightly Girl Emily Palmer, who wore it on her birthday! (I love when you guys tag me in things you wear that I featured!)

3. Favorite Kimono/Cover-Up: Banana Leaf Kimono

This was a toss up because I found several great kimonos/cover-ups and for really good prices, but this banana leaf kimono that you can see me wearing here is tops in my book (and a steal for under $22!). This pink leaf kimono that I’m wearing in this post is a close runner-up.

4. Favorite Caftan: Monica Mahoney

It’s no secret I love a good caftan, so discovering Monica Mahoney caftans this year was a highlight. While there are SO many I loved, this pink caftan that I wore in White Sands is my favorite. As for vintage, this vintage caftan that my friend Jenn Lake loaned me for my Locale Magazine cover shoot has my heart.

5. Favorite Jeans: Mott & Bow

These are the only jeans I wear. They fit perfectly in the legs and booty, but don’t squish my waist when I sit down (my #1 gripe with jeans/pants), meaning I can eat in them without having to unbutton my pants! I wear the 27 and they are true to size. These were gifted to me in 2017 and I literally wear them multiple times a week. Time to scoop up a few more pairs!

6. Favorite Sunglasses: Heart Sunnies

I knew I would wear these white heart sunglasses over and over, so initially splurged on the  YSL Loulou heart sunglasses, which are $420. That’s about $400 more than I usually spend on sunglasses, but I thought, hey cost-per-wear, this is the way to go. Two days after I ordered the YSL ones, I was gifted this $20 pair. So I had both at home to compare and let me tell you: they were identical! So I sent the YSL sunglasses back. The $20 white pair has since sold out, but you can still get them in red or get them for even less here (just $10!). Or splurge! I wear them all the time, as evidenced here, here and here.

7. Favorite Swimsuit: Trina Turk

It’s not easy finding a swimsuit you love, so when I do, I need to shout it from the rooftops. This Trina Turk one-piece swimsuit that I wore here is super cute, flattering and comfortable. It has built-in light padding too, which I love. I’m wearing the size 4.

8. Favorite Bag: Barrington

This was a toss up because I loved several bags a lot. In particular this Frances Valentine honeypot bag that I wore here and this Pamela Munson tote that I wore here. But the one I found myself reaching for time and time again was my palm leaf tote from Barrington that you can see me wearing here. Roomy, hard to destroy and classic all at once. Barrington bags are totally customizable, so when you click here, scroll until you see the palm leaf pattern.

9. Favorite Heels: Kate Spade

Have you noticed that I wear these all the time? Here’s just one example. They’re my go-to heels because they’re sparkly and fun but not so high so they don’t kill my feet. I pretty much have stopped buying anything I can’t walk in because…well, why would I do that to myself? I’ve had these gold glitter heels for a few years now and would easily buy them again in the same gold hue or the pretty navy glitter version. These palm leaf heels are a close second!

10. Favorite Pants: Trina Turk

I wrote about these wrap pants as the best pants in the world because they are SO comfy — not to mention chic. Like wearing pajamas bottoms!

11. Favorite Hat: Hats by Olivia

You all know I love my hats but the one I keep reaching for is this boater hat that you can see me wearing here and here.

Beauty & Health Favorites

Here are my favorite new beauty products and health products that have helped me to look and feel my best!

12. Favorite Beauty Product: True Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil

Living in the desert when you’re already prone to dry skin (thanks to Hashimoto’s) is a recipe for disaster. Therefore, my skin is constantly craving moisture no matter how much water I drink and how many humidifiers I have on. Given all of my sensitivities, I have to be careful with what’s in beauty products (gluten, dairy, etc.), so I’d been searching for a “clean moisturizer” forever. I finally came across True Botanicals and while it’s definitely not cheap, it’s been worth every penny. I was really sold once I read the founder has Hashimoto’s too. Anyway, my skin was hurting it was so dry, and one application of the Pure Radiance Oil instantly calmed it down. I use the Clear Pure Radiance Oil, for acne-prone skin. But if you’re not prone to acne (lucky you), you can get the Renew Pure Radiance Oil for aging skin or the Calm Pure Radiance Oil for rosacea-prone skin.

13. Favorite Beauty Tool: Face Ice Roller

The best $15 I spent in 2018 was on this ice roller for the face! It sounds weird but you basically put it in the freezer and then roll it over your clean skin. Not only does it feel so good (and really helps if you have a headache), it reduces pores, inflammation and dry skin. Shout out to Geri Hirsch for introducing me + the world to this now cult favorite.

14. Favorite Health Product: Oregano Oil

On our roadtrip to Marfa, both Fred Baby and I both got a bad cold. The kind of cold that for him usually turns into bronchitis. Instead of turning to antibiotics, we tried oregano oil, something Grace had recently posted about and luckily enough I thought to try. It ended up being our, pardon the pun, saving grace. Have you ever tried it? We just picked up a bottle from Whole Foods but you can also buy it online here (just be sure to get 100% pure oregano oil). The best way we found to take it was to mix 1 or 2 drops (it’s STRONG!) into a cup of hot water and drink it. It was even more palatable if you added a scoop of coconut oil to your mug of hot water. You’ll smell like a Greek salad, but it clears your sinuses up and is said to be more or as powerful as prescription antibiotics!

House & Home Favorites

Here are my favorite house and home finds that made life a little easier and more fun.

15. Favorite Household Item: Portable Clothes Steamer

I’m pretty sure I have Mackenzie to thank for this one, but this little mini clothes steamer is the best. Instead of the cumbersome chore of hauling out a big steamer (or worse yet, iron, which I haven’t done in, ohhh…15 years), this is SO much easier. I fill it up in my bathroom sink, turn it on and it’s ready to go in seconds. It instantly gets wrinkles out of clothes (we’re talking 60 seconds). If you’re lazy and impatient like me, or travel a lot and need to spruce up quickly, this is the best $16 you’ll ever spend.

16. Favorite Pool Float: Peppermint Pool Float

Is it a Favorite Things list in Golightly Land without a favorite pool float? Exactly. While Swannie will forever by my #1 — and most comfortable — these peppermint pool floats that you can see in this post made me smile the most in 2018. I think Swannie Golightly approves.

Food & Book Favorites

Last, but not least, my favorite book of 2018, plus my favorite thing I ate — it literally made me cry!

17. Favorite Food: Sweet Laurel Bakery Chocolate Cake

2018 was the year I finally had a birthday cake again! And it was all due to Sweet Laurel Bakery. Like me, the owner has Hashimoto’s and can’t eat gluten and dairy. Luckily, she did something about it and created the best baked goods! Fred Baby surprised me with a chocolate cake from Sweet Laurel Bakery and I legit cried eating it I was SO happy — it’s that good! These cakes are not cheap to order if you don’t live in LA, but they’re a special treat that I couldn’t resist sending to friends and family this year. And, when friends from LA would come to visit, they would nicely bring one with them (they’re half the price if you get them in LA). We also have the Sweet Laurel Cookbook and bake the cake ourselves, which is obviously the most affordable way to go. It might be even better homemade. I can not recommend it more, especially if you have Celiac or autoimmune issues that prevent you from eating cake.

18. Favorite Book: All We Ever Wanted

Thanks to Grace for her great book recommendations, 2018 was the year I started reading fiction again and All We Ever Wanted ended up being my favorite book. Have you read it? In addition to be very entertaining, it ended up being quite timely as well.

Have You Tried Any of My Favorites?

I’d love to know: Have you tried any of my favorite things? What’s your favorite product from 2018?

Tell me in the comments, so I can be sure to discover some new favorites for the year!

Thanks, as always, for reading. I really appreciate it!

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