Project Runway Episode 4: A Red Hot Mess

Project Runway episode 4 was a red hot mess. The challenge? To design a Campbell’s soup-inspired dress for real women who have faced heart problems. The designers got really lucky because all of the women were gorgeous and all seemed to be relatively fit. In fact, it was surprising that these woman had heart problems, as it’s easy to assume that overweight people would most likely be the victims of heart disease.  Lesson learned: Put down the chocolate pudding, skinny or not. Moving on…

l-r: Amy Sarbi, Anna Lynett, Anthony Williams

The designers succeeded, however, in making these women all look far larger than they actually are. And many succeeded in making their poor models look far tackier (these are women who oozed strength and class upon arrival, mind you).  These are supposed to be gala gowns. The only dress we liked? The winning one. But to each her or his own. Who do you think should have won and who should have gotten the stiletto boot?

l-r: Ben Chmura, Emilio Sosa, Janeane Marie Ceccanti

l-r: Jay Nicolas Sario, Jesse Lenoir, Jesus Estrada

l-r: Jonathan Peters, Maya Luz, Mila Hermanovski

Seth Aaron Henderson

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4 thoughts on “Project Runway Episode 4: A Red Hot Mess

  1. Kate

    Wow.. Those are TERRIBLE!! I saw the episode as well, and I can’t believe those “designers” managed to make those poor women look like rhinos dressed in cheap table cloths. OUCH! I say send them all home!

  2. J Simmons

    I find it so much easier to vote for the worst dressed. Best dressed is a real challenge. What was Janeane Ceccanti thinking with that slip? How is Seth Henderson still around? I don’t think Emilio Sosa’s model was preggers, but it sure looks like it now! OUCH!

    Jonathan Peters dress could have been good, with some editing, I also liked the concept behind Mila Hermanovski’s design.

  3. Kay

    all of these were pretty bad, some worse than others, but my favorite was seth aaron’s dress, partly because he redid his design and started much later than everyone else because of it, it was a decent quality, and the style fit both him and something that the woman could be comfortable in (both in actual comfort and a style that was appropriate). i dont think any of the dresses were flattering, but that one was decent.

  4. Allison

    They were pretty bad. Seth should be booted off because he made her something for a gala that she could wear to work. He cut her in half with the red on the top and the black on the bottom and added insult to injury by adding that crappy looking belt. And it was too short. Let’s face it, a monocromatic dress well fitted but with a flair at the bottom would have made her look great. SHE wanted a draped look. I doubt she was happy AT ALL! And what was with Ben Chumura’s dress? The V neck was a good start, but then he had the waist insert and the slit and then lined it with the other fabric. Added to that was the necklace, so what were we supposed to look at first? All the parts were fighting for attention, and he didn’t show “the girls” off to their best advantage. Plus he highlighted her THIGHS and I think there was only one woman in that show who might have thought that was good. If I had to boot someone else off it would have been him. The mistake Jesus made was that he gave his client what they wanted. LOL! Poor Anthony – his dress was better than Seth’s, but that jacket nearly did the look in. I doubt his model will wear that jacket to the party.


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