Project Runway winner Leanne Marshall is by far one of our favorite Project Runway contestants of all time. Not only has she stayed true to herself and her aesthetic (ethereal, architectural, organic, independent, feminine), she even still operates her Etsy shop, Leanimal. When past winners haven’t been able to figure out how to grow so fast, Marshall has remained level-headed, giving her loyal clientele what they’ve always wanted, while turning things up a notch with custom lines and higher-end ventures. So when we checked in to see what the talented designer was up to, we were pretty blown away. Not only can we nab the perfect summer dress in a perfect peachy hue, we can also scoop up samples from her bridal mini-collection. Bride to be? Consider a Leanimal frock — if we were walking down the aisle again, these dresses would be at the top of our list. Where to shop your frocks off?

Right here.

{More inspiration on Leanne Marshall’s Flickr and blog.}

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