Emilio's Collection


Did you watch the finale of Project Runway? If not, major SPOILER ALERT. If so, what do you think? I’ll try to hold my tongue, but to say I was infuriated by the judges’ decision would be an understatement. I thought Emilio’s collection, entitled Color Me Bad (drawing inspiration from the ’40s and Harlem), was fresh, sophisticated and wearable, with the perfect amount of drama. No gimmicks. Perfectly tailored, flattering and, unlike the other designers, not overworked or heavy-handed. During the season, he won something like five challenges, more than any other designer in Project Runway history.


Seth Aaron's Collection

Seth Aaron’s collection, on the other hand (though it reads much better in these pictures than it did on the boob tube, so who knows really), read St. Marks Place. It looked cheap and costumey and looked to be full of pleather. It was also unflattering (if it makes a 6-foot-tall, 100 lb. model look wide, imagine how it would look on the rest of us). His inspiration? 1940’s German military. Um, you mean Nazis? Two issues: Is that something anyone should be “inspired” by? And two, it doesn’t read that way at all. I hate to rain on Seth Aaron’s parade, but he was by far my third place pick. I haven’t include Mila’s collection because I thought it was a complete snoozefest. Am I missing something? Did the judges get it right? Did Seth Aaron’s clownish-punk collection deserve to win? See their full collections here and VOTE and weigh in on our comments below…

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