Mila's NYFW Collection

Did you catch the showdown between Mila and Jay on Project Runway last night? Both were convinced that they would be the third designer chosen to show at New York Fashion Week. But only one was right. It’s kind of heartbreaking when you realize both have had this dream practically their entire lives, but only one will make the cut. But, such is life. Or at least life in the fashion world. My take on Mila’s collection, which she says was inspired by shadows? It feels derivative and stuck in the past. She’s influenced by the ’60s, but without any of the playfulness of the ’60s. I adore black and white, but it feels one note and expected (and also way too similar to Seth Aaron’s work). Why not at least accessorize with color (some funky tights and shoes would have helped take this to the next level — though not a new one). Instead, it feels heavy and, dare I say, cheap? I do dare. I have particular issues with the patent leather collar on the otherwise cute dress on the right. She took something light (finally!) and playful and made it feel S&M and tacky. Speaking of tacky, did you know that Mila makes her living by dressing the hosts and judges of Dancing With the Stars?


Jay's NYFW Collection

Jay’s collection, inspired by Japanese samurai, may have been a tad overworked, but at least it had elements of innovation and surprise. I know I’m not the only one who now has leather shin guards on my fall fashion wishlist. I do wish that designers would think outside of the color box for fall. Yes, Jay has some color, but fall doesn’t mean it has to be so dark and sinister. Of course, I’m a girl who likes Kate Spade and J.Crew namely for their color palettes, so heavy colors will never really do it for me. Though I am gaga over SJP’s Galliano gown in this month’s Vogue. Moving on… {SPOILER ALERT} Ultimately the judges decided not to go with the more innovative and creative designer, but with the one they felt was most “ready” for Bryant Park. I have a feeling that they didn’t want all guy designers at NYFW, which led them to chose Mila (even though it seemed pretty clear that Heidi was the only judge who preferred Mila). I felt like Jay was robbed. But what do you think?

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