{SPOILER ALERT} Were you also so excited when the challenge was announced that the designers would be going to Coney Island to see the cirucs? I know I was. So much inspiration to be had. The designers were to make a circus-inspired look without the look reading costumey. Well. Would you be caught dead wearing exhibits A and B, above (left: Mila; right: Seth Aaron)?



Exhibits C and D are less costumey (left: Jay; right: Emilio), but don’t all these looks like they came from the same collection? There’s something to be said for consistency, but when four different designers create looks that all read the same (black and white stripes, red!), I think there’s a problem. I crave some out-of-the-box thinking…you too? I feel like I’ve seen these same looks from these same designers before (Jay with his perfectly tailored pants, Mila and Seth Aaron with graphic black and white stripes.) I would have loved to have seen something more like Katy Rodriquez’s collection. Beautiful, whimsical, unexpected color combos, exaggerated skirts. Maybe some cotton candy hues.



So then there was the cheese who stood alone and gave us something different from the rest with this pretty blue number that had a hint of drama, but then, as Nina Garcia said was “a snoozefest from the waist down.” And he gets auf’d. No Fashion Week for poor Anthony. Which means Mila and Seth Aaron, whose aesthetics are virtually identical, both go to New York Fashion Week. Emilio, clearly the front-runner, will show as well. And Jay, too. Actually Jay and Mila have to battle it out for the third spot, but they both get to create collections.

What did you think of the circus looks? And who do you want to see at Fashion Week? Who do you think will win Project Runway?

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