I had just caught up with last week’s Project Runway on TiVo, mourning the loss of Anthony (not his designs per se, but he’s certainly the most entertaining designer of the season), lusting over one of those magic HP Touchscreens (um, hello, I want to draw and paint on my computer screen and make my own fabric, thanks!), when I caught the new episode mid-show.

I felt like I must have been a victim of an April Fool’s prank, because there, low and behold, was Anthony. Wasn’t he auf’d last week?! Turns out he was, but Maya, talented, sweet, so, so young Maya dropped out. What the Prada?! She said she didn’t feel like she was developed enough as a designer yet to continue on.

I understand, but think it was a big, big mistake. She never won a challenge but was always at the top. As Emilio (and maybe Yogi Bear or was it Dan Quayle?) said “Quitters never win.”

Moving on, the challenge was to design a red carpet gown for a picky celebrity… Heidi Klum. Flaxen-haired guest judge and “style icon” Jessica Alba (who knew?) weighed in and another Project Runway first occurred — there were two winners (and for once, I actually agreed with the judges on both picks)! But as we know, a girl can only wear one dress at a time down a red carpet (I mean, this isn’t a wedding), so which dress would YOU choose to wear?

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[Photos courtesy of Lifetime]

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