Project Runway episode 4 was a red hot mess. The challenge? To design a Campbell’s soup-inspired dress for real women who have faced heart problems. The designers got really lucky because all of the women were gorgeous and all seemed to be relatively fit. In fact, it was surprising that these woman had heart problems, as it’s easy to assume that overweight people would most likely be the victims of heart disease.  Lesson learned: Put down the chocolate pudding, skinny or not. Moving on…

l-r: Amy Sarbi, Anna Lynett, Anthony Williams

The designers succeeded, however, in making these women all look far larger than they actually are. And many succeeded in making their poor models look far tackier (these are women who oozed strength and class upon arrival, mind you).  These are supposed to be gala gowns. The only dress we liked? The winning one. But to each her or his own. Who do you think should have won and who should have gotten the stiletto boot?

l-r: Ben Chmura, Emilio Sosa, Janeane Marie Ceccanti

l-r: Jay Nicolas Sario, Jesse Lenoir, Jesus Estrada

l-r: Jonathan Peters, Maya Luz, Mila Hermanovski

Seth Aaron Henderson

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