Fun challenge alert. The designers paired up and each took a New York City neighborhood, from which to draw inspiration and from which to create a day and an evening look. Most were extremely successful, while a few weren’t so lucky. Can you guess which looks represent which New York City neighborhoods? The answers are in the comments below…

Day look: Seth Aaron; Evening look: Emilio

Seth Aaron and Emilio won…can you guess which neighborhood they were representing?

Day look: Maya; Evening look: Anthony

A subtle take on their neighborhood of choice…can you guess which nabe Maya and Anthony are inspired by?

Day look: Jay Nicolas; Evening look: Mila

What’s black and white and red all over? Jay and Mila’s designs. Which ‘hood do you think they’re designing for?

Day look: Amy; Evening look: Jonathan

Amy and Jonathan were like two peas in a pod. But were their looks successful in capturing the feel of their New York City neighborhood? What’s your favorite New York City neighborhood, the one that inspires you the most?

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[Images courtesy of Lifetime]






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