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Are you excited for a three-day weekend…and Valentine’s Day?

I know I am. It’s been especially crazy around here lately. And I’ll finally be able to reveal why next week. Finally. (Hint, hint.)

Last-minute Valentine's Day ideas | Kelly Golightly

Needless to say, my head has been spinning like that little girl’s in The Exorcist (or was it Poltergeist?), but I’m going to try to…deep breath…slow down and enjoy Modernism Week with my Fred Baby and my Fashion Modernism Week bestie.

Custom name necklace | Kelly Golightly x Fred Baby

I always get reflective around this time, and if you read our love story yesterday you know why. But as I think back to our wedding day nine years ago this coming Wednesday, February 18th, it’s really interesting to see how many things are coming full-circle right now. It’s pretty eerie, but, unlike in The Exorcist, in the best, non-demonic way.

Valentine, Texas by Prada Marfa | Kelly Golightly

On that note, some Valentine’s weekend reading:

Our love story. I’d love to hear yours…

I love Dee’s Tell Me Your Love Story series. Be on the lookout for my story next (it’s not what I shared yesterday). Bonus: You can win this print.

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In case you need some gift ideas:

Check out the Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Guys.

Valentine's Day DIY: Give someone a heart attack

No gift? No problem.

Make a love jar.

Or, give someone a heart attack instead.

Kelly Golightly at The Parker Palm Springs

Enjoy breakfast in bed.

Or a romantic dinner at home.

Sweet tooth? Bake this heart cake.

Or, my mom’s famous chocolate fudge cake.

Or, make Marry Me Chocolate Cake (it’s SO good).

Watch a romantic movie. These are my Top 10 Romantic Comedies. Have a favorite?

Life's necesseites: Dammit Doll + Flask Bangle | Kelly Golightly

Have a sweet weekend, dammit!

 above: naomi gray necklace | dammit doll | flask bangle | photos by kelly golightly via my instagram

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