Darlings, I wanted to share one of my favorite DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas with you, in case you are racking your brain trying to think of a way to show your Valentine how you feel (like I am!). I call this a Love Jar or Love Bucket and you simply fill a handsome jar with tiny heart-shaped love notes.

Here are the steps:


1. Find a jar and/or bucket in which to put your love notes. (I used a vintage decanter {similar} and silver bucket {similar} from my fave store in San Francisco, Past Perfect, but you can use whatever vessel strikes your fancy. I chose both a jar to put the love-note hearts in and a silver bucket so that my valentine, Fred Baby, had a place to put the notes he had read.)

2. Pick up a sheet or two of pretty paper. (I used Paris map wrapping paper from Paper SourcePapyrus and Kate’s Paperie also have great options. Be sure one side is blank so you can write on it!)



3. Cut out tiny hearts! (Or, use a heart-shaped punch, which is probably much easier. The number is up to you. I used our anniversary, 2/18, and cut out 218 hearts, which admittedly is a lot, but you could do whatever number means something to you and yours. Or, add a twist: Start with 14 for Valentine’s Day and then add a new one each day – that would be such a fun tradition!)

4. Use a pretty pen to jot down your favorite memories. Ideas of what to include: things you love about your Valentine, special dates, adventures, nicknames, inside jokes, or whatever you want to express (our Love Jar is filled with a lot of food references and travel adventures – big surprise!). It’s amazing how writing something as simple as “ancho fudge pie” or “San Marino snow” can bring back a flood of memories.

5. Deliver your Love Bucket to your love bucket! While it’s technically a gift for your valentine, it’s really such a gift to yourself, too, as you get to travel down memory lane with your favorite travel partner.


Do you have any favorite Valentine’s Day or anniversary gifts that you’ve given or received? Do tell, lovelies xx!



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