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Back in February, right before we received news that nearly caused us a heart attack and sent our lives in a new little direction, I heart-attacked Fred Baby for Valentine’s Day…or maybe it was our anniversary (they’re just four days apart). But it was a heart attack of the good kind!

Here’s how you can give someone a heart attack, too…

I first saw this idea on Oh Happy Day, a constant source of inspiration, and it’s the original idea of Brittany Watson Jepsen of the blog The House That Lars Built. It’s a super sweet, impactful and nearly free way to show someone you love them. And while you can do the same with hearts, you could also get creative and use the same concept for other holidays and occasions too: bunnies for Easter, numbers for anniversaries, stars for Fourth of July, circles because polka dots are the bee’s knees.

Here’s how to make DIY flour hearts of your own:

1. Cut out a heart stencil. I simply used a large piece of paper, folded it in half and used a pencil to draw half a heart. Cut along the heart lines, open and then you have a large heart (remember doing this in elementary school?). You could also use cardboard from a box you have laying around. Use what you have!

2. Pour flour into a medium-large bowl. Grab a sifter or colander (I don’t own a sifter, so colander it was).

3. Lay your stencil on top of your grass or patio.

4. Hold colander over the  heart stencil and gently pour flour from bowl through it.

5. Once completely covered, lift stencil and voila, a heart! Repeat to your heart’s content.

Have you ever been heart-attacked? I once had a friend cut out tulips from paper and tape rows of them to my front door. It was awesome! Amazing what an impact repeating a shape can have…in a room, on the grass, or on your heart.

[What I wore: ADAM dress; Fabulous Furs faux fur coat; American Apparel tights; Calypso shoes; Fred Baby’s shoes: Zara from Paris]


[Photos by BussBuss]


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