Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Happy Friday! How was your week? Any fun plans for the weekend? Here’s the latest in my world + some fun Halloween costume ideas and a chance to win a dream house + a trip to Australia!

I honestly don’t remember this week, it was a blur…but not because I was doing so much. I just can’t remember it. Haha.

Okay parts are coming back to me, mostly through what I watched. Here’s what I can remember…

On Monday night, we saw our friends Sal and Ross. It was great to catch up and had been far too long. That night Ross was on Martha & Snoop, which was hysterical. Did you see it?

On Tuesday, we watched and cried to This Is Us. That show gets me every time.

On Wednesday, Fred Baby flew to Austin, which is where we first met and fell in love. We FaceTimed as he walked around downtown Austin and Sixth Street. Crazy how much it’s changed. It’s always weird going back to somewhere you used to live, isn’t it? Like, what was life like then? What was I like? I also watched Riverdale that night…which reminds me: My mind was blown to find out that JugHead (Cole Sprouse) was Ross’ son Ben on Friends. Did you know that?!

On Thursday, I  watched Will & Grace, Fred Baby flew back from Austin, and we watched I Love You, America while falling asleep…

And then I woke up and it was Friday.

Hello, Friday!

Sorry if that was the world’s least interesting blog post, but my long-term memory is clearly better than my short-term memory. If you asked me what I did yesterday, I always say ask me in two weeks, then I’ll remember. Is that just me?

So far today, I’ve been opening boxes galore for a photo shoot we’re doing on Sunday. It’ll be a fun one, and while it’s not at all holiday-themed, I’ve been humming Christmas music all day. Which is only compounded in weirdness by the fact that I spent three minutes outside and had to come back inside because I nearly had heat stroke.

You’d think that would mean I’m a holiday person and prepped for Halloween, but as always, I have nothing planned. How about you?

I do look forward to seeing what our nieces and nephew dress up as — that’s always adorable!

That said, I’ve included some fun Halloween costume ideas in my weekend links below.

Win a trip to Australia AND a dream house when you enter by midnight tonight!



Today’s the early bird deadline to WIN THIS DREAM HOUSE and a TRIP TO AUSTRALIA! Get your tickets before midnight!

Proof that you should never give up.

So many great costume ideas, including a flamingo, That Pink Door, The Painted Ladies, a lawn flamingo + baby cactus, Millennial Pink, a rainbow + rain cloud, and Clueless.

Six more great group Halloween costume ideas.

That time I dressed up as Richard Simmons + Fred Baby was Holmes on Holmes (double scary!).

Halloween at The Ace where I dressed up as hungover Holly Golightly is still my favorite Halloween ever.

My last-minute piña colada costume + white swan pumpkin!

Oh how I wish I could still have this pumpkin pie shake.


Happy Halloweekend!




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