[Kendra of Hi Design as one part of a double rainbow (genius!); Joy of Oh Joy as ice cream; Me as Holly Golightly; Amanda of 100 layer cake as the second rainbow of the double rainbow; My darling hubs as The Governator]

One of my favorite costumes I’ve ever worn was when I dressed up as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This is ‘Hungover Holly’ — the morning she first meets Fred Baby. I’ve linked where you can get the Holly Golightly costume above and below xo!

[Oh Joy and hubby Oh Bob as Oh Bacon;  Bri of DesignLoveFest as a Marie Antoinette girl; Crystal of Rue as a flapper; Cassandra of Coco+Kelley as Cleopatra; Anne of The City Sage as a Marie Antoinette girl]



[Ashlina of The Decorista as Holly Golightly too!; Jaimi of Fiore Beauty as Wonder Woman & her husband Superman]

[Kelly of ban.do; Angela of Angela + Ithyle as the best costume award-winning giraffe; Bri; Arnie and me]


Where To Get a Holly Golightly Costume


To dress up as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you need just three things:

1.  Oversized men’s tuxedo shirt

 2. Holly Golightly sleep mask

3.  Tassel earrings/earplugs

You can buy these items individually (or borrow a shirt from your favorite fellow like I did here). Or, you can get the whole Holly Golightly costume set here and here!

Oh and be sure to say daaahling a lot! Happy Halloweening, daaahlings xo!


p.s. All of these Smilebooth photos are from Halloween at The Ace Palm Springs. The Ace Halloween Party was creativity overload. Luckily these photos are helping me savor every last delicious drop of insane creativity that went into this epic event. It was like my Google Reader came to life. Insane amounts of talent in one great room.  If you’re hosting a party, planning a wedding or just want to have the time of your life, you must check out Bash, Please, Smilebooth and The Flashdance.

p.s. All photos and many more of them via Smilebooth!

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