Often times, the best things come in small packages. And no, we don’t mean diamond earrings (oh wait, that’s good too).

To send the sweetest sentiment in a small but highly impactful way, get thee to the World’s Smallest Postal Service.

Simply fill out and submit your custom letter or card, which will then be transcribed onto tiny stationery (1 x 1.5 inches!). The tiny envelope will even have a mini wax seal with your initial on it and the letter comes with a magnifying glass so your recipient can read your miniment (that’s miniature + sentiment for you math majors).

Or, opt for a Valentine’s Day Cute as a Button package, which comes with a strip of paper reading “You are as cute as…” and then underneath the teeny crumpled paper, a vintage button.

Hostesses with the mostestess, brides and moms-to-be, World’s Smallest wedding, party invitations and birth announcements are also available.

How to get to the World’s Smallest Post Office?

Click right here.

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