Who needs autumn leaves when you have bougainvillea petals instead?

Hello December! I can’t believe we’re already meeting again. It seems like just yesterday we were moving out of our house on this day so the Modernism Week Show House renovations could get underway. But now we’re here…Woo! How will you guys be spending this first weekend of December? Here’s what we’ll be up to….

First, I’ll be finishing up an article I’m writing about Modernism Week for Palm Springs Life Magazine. Speaking of things sneaking up on us, it’s crazy to think February and Modernism Week will be here before we know it. Have you gotten your tickets yet?

Fred Baby put up the tree last week and while I’m looking forward to decorating it this weekend, I have to admit it looks so pretty in all its naked glory. And by naked, I mean it’s flocked and has white lights. Have you put up your tree? If so, how did you decorate it? Do you use the same ornaments every year or do you switch things up?

You may remember our tree from last year… I had teamed up with Traditional Home and Frontgate on decking our halls, so a week before we had to move out, an entire truck full – literally — of ornaments, wreaths and Christmas décor arrived. It was amazing! But also maybe not the best timing. Let’s just Fred Baby wasn’t as jazzed about that delivery as I was. #boxesfordays

But I loved everything, especially all of the candy-colored bubblegum ornaments, and insisted we keep everything, so we could use it this year. So much so that it took up a whole parking space in our garage where a car could have been parked for the last year. Which is to say, Fred Baby is SO excited for me to decorate since he has waited all year to free up that space in the garage.

Of course, while I LOVE what we have, the blogger and constant re-decorator in me totally wants to change things up. But I’m pretty sure that would lead to divorce. To divorce or redecorate, that is the question…

Now you may be thinking, just decorate a second tree. We had a second white tree, but Fred Baby convinced me last year to get rid of it (to be fair, it was more yellow than white + I admittedly looked like a hoarder at the time), but that would have been a good solution. But, we do have a small pink tree, so I’ll be busting that out!

Anyway, that’s what I’ll be up to this weekend! Oh, and our friend Ross will be grand marshall of the Palm Springs Festival of Lights Parade, so if we can wrangle Odee, we hope to sneak out for that!

Hope you have a great one and here are some weekend links, if you’re in a reading mood.



Finally, fun news we can all rally behind. We needed it, didn’t we?

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Which reminds me, I’m totally enamored by these.

They don’t exactly go with our kitchen décor, but I find them so charming. You too?

What’s your favorite Christmas movie? Mine are a bit more recent and untraditional: Bridget Jones’s Diary, You’ve Got Mail, The Holiday, and this classic.

Do you have a favorite Christmas song? I don’t, but this is cute.

Finally, my friend Grasie’s raw and honest post about dealing with infertility.



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