Our Big News!

I’m thrilled to finally be able to share our big news! It’s hard holding in secrets, especially when all you want to do is shout it from the rooftops! So without further ado, drum roll please…


This year’s Modernism Week Show House is…

Toasting BIG NEWS!

Our house!

Sharing BIG news on the blog today!

Say what?

I know!

Here’s the scoop…

You know how much I love Modernism Week. It’s literally my favorite week of the year — and extra fun that it always falls over Valentine’s Day and our anniversary. Magical things always happen during this week – like THIS – and it’s just a very special thing to be a part of and so great for the Palm Springs community, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for preservation and education efforts.

Each year our involvement has grown, and each year we always say that we want to be more and more involved with Modernism Week. Well, this year we’re going to be really involved. In a very personal way.

Modernism Week Show House 2017...

As you know, we recently bought a house and one of the things we were most excited about was sharing how you can add mid-century modern touches to a house whose bones are not mid-century, to create that Palm Springs style for those of us who don’t live in a mid-century home (aka most of us).

Another reason we bought the new house was because of my food allergies and not being able to eat out and travel as much, we now have to bring the party to us. Be careful what you wish for…because that’s about to happen in a BIG way.

The Christopher Kennedy Compound: Modernism Week Show House for 2017 will be our house, dubbed Villa Golightly!

Big news from Palm Springs!

Last year I had the honor of being one of the tastemakers in the show house who designed a room (The Glam Cave). It was tremendous to be in the presence of so much creative talent, as world-renowned designers and tastemakers like Martyn Larwence Bullard and Carson Kressley transformed rooms in the decorator show house, sponsored by Traditional Home magazine, into magical spaces. And then, getting to meet everyone who came to he show house for tours and to see their reactions was priceless.

Christopher Kennedy, my friend and interior designer extraordinaire, spearheads the entire show house, and it’s the #1 must-see event at Modernism Week.


I’ve joked in the past about how fun it would be to have a party with all of YOU. And well, this is pretty much the chance. As you literally will be able to come over to my house and we can clink glasses. And I can guarantee you that this is as good – and clean — as my house will ever look!


You may be thinking what family and the few friends we’ve told have asked…

Are you crazy?

Probably. But in all seriousness, sometimes you make decisions, and other times it seems like the decision is already made for you and you just go with the flow. We were not expecting this (did I mention we’ll have to move out of our house for several months while the magical transformation happens?), but Fred Baby and I are super excited for the adventure and to support Modernism Week.

And it’s a huge honor to have so many designers and tastemakers share their talents and we are pinching ourselves that when all is said and done, we will actually get to live there HERE. And it’s hard to believe that it’s all going to be done within the next four months (pass the Valium!).

Stay tuned as we’ll be revealing more over the coming weeks, including the roster of designers and tastemakers lending their talents to the show house, as well as events at the house.


Do mark your calendars for November 1st, when tickets for Modernism Week go on sale. The Show House opening night party always sells out right away, and I want you to have first dibs so we can clink those glasses together.

Traditional Home magazine will return as the national media sponsor of the show house, along with California Home & Design as the regional sponsor. We are overflowing with gratitude.

Toasting BIG News!

I love this community and all it has given me, and am so excited to be able to give back in this way — proceeds from show house benefit modernism preservation and education efforts, which help keep Palm Springs the jewel that she is.

Hold onto your hard hats & see you in Palm Springs this February xo!

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