My new obsession by Andy and Kate Spade #francesvalentine


Frances Valentine Sale

My love of Kate and Andy Spade runs deep (clearly). While I always loved — and still love — kate spade pieces (see exhibits A, B and C), what really always made me gaga was their branding. And I don’t mean logos, I mean their marketing and ad campaigns. More on that below, plus the Frances Valentine sale.


Kate Spade Ad Campaign: Bisbee, AZ #kellygolightly

Remember this kate spade ad campaign in Bisbee, Arizona?

Andy + Kate Spade's Best Ad Campaigns #kellygolightly

I still think of it often and it definitely inspires my work.

Plus, I have this thing for couples who work together. 😉

So when I got word a few months back that Kate and Andy were launching a new venture, I was over the moon. Meet Frances Valentine, their new collection of shoes, handbags and accessories. It has Kate and Andy written all over it.

Frances Valentine Sandals -- those heels! #kellygolightly

I was instantly charmed by these shoes (that geodesic dome heel!).

Frances Valentine Lookbook #kellygolightly

But again, it’s their branding and this desert photoshoot in Joshua Tree that makes me want to BE the Frances Valentine girl.

Frances Valentine 40% Off Sale! #kellygolightly

Now at $500 for a pair of shoes, it’s not something one can scoop up without some forethought, but I’d been pining for these for months, so when I saw them go on sale for 40% off over the weekend, you better believe I scooped up this pair, plus this darling bag, which is also on major sale.

Joshua Tree Photoshoots: Frances Valentine #kellygolightly

I know, but when it comes to Kate and Andy, I can’t help myself.

p.s.  I deeply and importantly regret not also scooping up the yellow pair before they sold out, so if anyone happens to have a pair in a 7.5 or 8, let a girl know. 😉

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