Palm Springs Adventures with Kelly Golightly x Kate Spade @katespadeny #katespade #sunglasses #flamingo

Rose-Colored Glasses from Kate Spade

I’ve been accused of seeing the world through rose-colored glasses on more than one occasion. And I must confess, guilty as charged!

Palm Springs Adventures with Kelly Golightly x Kate Spade @katespadeny #katespade #sunglasses #flamingo

But this time, I have an alibi. Kate Spade made me do it! With their rose-tinted lenses, these rose-colored sunglasses from Kate Spade literally paint the world pink and I couldn’t love them more!

Rose-colored glasses...literally. #kellygolightly #katespade #sunglasses #pinksunglasses

Talk about eye candy!

Chic Pink Sunglasses @katespadeny #kellygolightly #katespade #sunglasses #pinksunglasses

I recently wore my new beloved pink sunnies on a colorful adventure in Palm Springs with my BFF (Best Flamingo Friend) and they made an already sunshiney day even better.

LOVE these pink sunnies! @katespadeny #katespade #sunglasses #cape #flamingo

With Christmas and the holidays coming up, I think it would be quite a lovely sentiment to brighten someone’s day with rose-colored glasses (plus, the gift boxes at Kate Spade always make a purchase feel extra special).

Cute pink sunglasses! #kellygolightly #katespade #sunglasses #pinksunglasses

Seeing as I’ve been on quite the pink kick as of late, I also couldn’t resist this pink sweater cape. It’s the perfect weight as desert temps begin to dip into fall-like weather. And a must for a frolic in the Palm Springs windmill fields!

Palm Springs Adventures with Kelly Golightly x Kate Spade @katespadeny #katespade #sunglasses #cape #flamingo

If you haven’t popped over to Kate Spade lately, you must! And you really must peep their eyewear collection. From my pink sunglasses to vintage-inspired frames to eye-catching sunnies, it’s a veritable feast for the eyes.

Rose-colored glasses. @katespadeny #katespade #sunglasses #cape #flamingo

Head on over to Kate Spade to check out the eye candy for yourself.

Do you love pink sunglasses too?

Which is your favorite pair?


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Brought to you by Kate Spade New York, a brand I have loved for years. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that keep Kelly Golightly’s lights burning bright.


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