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High five…we made it to the weekend. I don’t know about you, but this week has been prickly, to say the least. A bit on that, plus fun pics of Saguaro in Arizona and 10 things I’m loving, including the BEST LIP BALM EVER (that also happens to be gluten-free and allergen-free) + the dress that has me bringing sexy back!

Saguaro Cactus in Arizona | Kelly Golightly

Saguaro in Arizona

But first…we snapped these photos on our way to Saguaro National Park in Arizona. While Saguaro National Park  is epic in itself, so was this field of cacti we saw along the way. A reminder to always take the road less traveled + to stop and smell the cactus flowers. 😉 Will share more from Saguaro National Park soon!
But for now, 10 things I’m loving and looking forward to…


10 Things I’m Loving + Looking Forward To:

Chelsea Handler’s new book, Life Will Be the Death of Me, is incredibly raw and will have you in tears from both laughter and pain. It’s literally her journey through therapy and she doesn’t censor a thing. Listen to the Audible version, as she reads it herself and it’s THAT good.

Brene Brown’s Netflix talk, The Call to Courage, is a must, but so is her convo with Gwyneth on the Goop podcast. Two words: Tactical breathing.

I am SO excited to watch Amy Poehler’s new movie, Wine Country, this weekend!

Speaking of Netflix, have you watched Dead to Me? I literally binged it in one night. If you loved Big Little Lies, you’ll like this too. Linda Cardellini and Christina Applegate for the win.

Thank you for your kind comments on my One Room Challenge makeover. It means SO much. It was 6 weeks of hard work and drama — which is why I’ve not been blogging as much as I’d like — sorry about that! So it feels both good to be finished but also kind of like after your wedding: So much planning goes into it that afterwards, you’re like now what? A few rooms I especially LOVED: Dee’s kitchen, Ashley’s living room + dining room reno and Jana’s Brooklyn apartment. All so colorful and cool. BTW stay tuned to my Instagram tomorrow for a fun giveaway!

Speaking of room makeovers, would you ever have a pink kitchen? Kelly has me adding one to my wishlist.

I splurged on this Rixo dress + it’s literally giving me life and has me rethinking my whole closet. I’ll shoot it soon, but if you want to feel confident and sexy, get this dress. I might need the pink one too.

Due to all my dietary restrictions, I’ve spent forever trying to find an allergen-free lip balm (specifically gluten-free, dairy-free, corn-free) and FINALLY found one I love + keeps my lips moist (unlike the unending cycle I used to get from Chapstick + literally everything else I’ve ever tried). The vanilla is my favorite.

On our roadtrip to Arizona, seen in the above photos, we found the best hummus (that’s also gluten-free + dairy-free)! Just wanted to share, as I’ve been living on it lately! Sidenote: You’d be shocked if you read the labels of most pre-made hummuses (hummi?). This one is super clean and it’s made from sprouted garbanzo beans so is so much better for you, as it reduces the lectins.

Speaking of lectins, are you familiar with Dr. Gundry? I’ve watched many of his videos and thought I knew the latest, but when he was on The Skinny Confidential podcast, Fred Baby and I were like WUT???!!! So I’ve just started his book The Plant Paradox: Quick & Easy. Have you read it? Would love to hear your thoughts!

As mentioned above, it’s been a weird week as I’ve had two prickly encounters with two people I’ve never had a fight or anything awkward with. Not knowing how to navigate it has been wearing on me, but just wanted to share this quote I’ve had to remind myself of:

“Don’t make a permanent decision based on temporary emotions.”

Thanks, as always, for reading, and wishing you a lovely weekend.
And happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there and hugs to all who may be struggling with this holiday xo.
p.s. This Stine Goya yellow Delia dress sold out, but I love this yellow dress for under $20 and this yellow caftan. This Stine Goya yellow jumpsuit is chic AF too. Hat and heart sunnies here.


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