OMGeeeeee!!! Here we are at Week 4. TBH, Week 3-4 almost killed me…and the FedEx truck.  Okay, it actually did kill the FedEx truck. Oops! Spilling the tea on why, plus how we’re pulling up our big girl panties to make it work!

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You may remember in last week’s update — entitled One Room Challenge Week 3: Panic + Freak Out — that I was desperately on the hunt for chairs.

Well, I’m SUPER thrilled to share that we found the perfect chairs — these Frontgate Paris bistro side chairs. Frontgate for the win!

Paris bistro chairs

We wavered between the black and the navy, although I also love, love, love the Capri blue color too, but ultimately went with navy chairs.

Which color chairs would you have chosen?

We plan to paint the statement wall an inky blue-black, but there’s no other black in the room, so I think the navy chairs are the right choice.

It picks up the pretty navy in….drum roll please…the Justina Blakeney for Loloio rug that just arrived!

Isn’t she a beaut?

So, so happy with this choice!

Speaking of things that arrived…our gorgeous green velvet chairs from Lamps Plus arrived yesterday too!

We have two of these beauties and I can’t wait to plop my booty down in one — with a stiff martini in hand — at the end of this challenge and cheers.

But until then, back to the drama.

So right as we solved our biggest issue last week — the need for chairs — no sooner did we get SHOCKING news that our table would not be provided.

Say what?!

Now, in all my years of blogging, I don’t think I’ve ever bad-mouthed a company or brand. That’s not what I’m about. BUT, this company had agreed to sending us the table over 3 weeks ago. They even told me they were huge fans, followed me religiously on Instagram, took lots of inspiration from me, and even included me in their brand book!

So, when 3 weeks after they had agreed to sending the table, they finally replied to my many emails in which I was following up asking for a tracking number, they told me they wouldn’t be providing the table, I was livid. And shocked.

Yes, it’s just design in the end. But design on a deadline. They left us in a big jam. There are usually long lead times usually to order a table, so that’s just not cool.

Not to mention it was super unprofessional to lead us along and only tell us when we had 2.5 weeks left until the BIG REVEAL. And I’d already given them press by including links to the table. I digress…

One Room Challenge Week 4: Office Makeover Progress

So that’s where we’re at now.

Super grateful to all of our amazing partners, whose items are arriving or en route, more than slightly bitter at the unprofessional company we’d planned on using for the table, and picking up our big girl panties + hunting for the perfect table — that we can actually get in time.


Okay, back to the good stuff…

Like our lamp that arrived from Couture Lamps!

So glam, right?

Also, how great is this vintage sketch Kristen picked up in Round Top?

Love the peek of the credenza detail too… You can see it in full here.


Oh, and we got great news that our Barn & Willow drapes will be arriving next week! Can’t wait to get those beauties up and paint on the walls.

But for now, my focus is on finding a table!

I hope that by next week’s update, we have one en route.

Wish me luck…lots and lots of luck!!!

Until then, check the progress from my ORC fellow designers…hope they’re having smoother sailing than I am:

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