One Room Challenge Week 2: The Plan!

It’s Week 2 of the One Room Challenge (see Week 1 here) and things are getting underway. We even had our first piece of furniture arrive and she is a stunner! Read on for THE PLAN for the room, including the blueprint and rendering!

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blueprint of the room

One Room Challenge Week 2: The Plan!

Step 1: Got Plans?

Step one of any design project begins with a blueprint of the room as-is. Which means all the room dimensions and measurements need to be taken, in this case by Kristen. That includes window width and height, door sizes, the whole shebang.

Those are then given to your kind and patient husband, who knows how to use Home Designer Pro (part of Chief Architect), and presents you with the above blueprint.

This is the part of a project I am least skilled at — measuring and math. But it’s a vital part of the process.

After that, it’s time to start thinking about what the client wants and needs.

Step 2: What a Girl Wants, What a Girl Needs

Kristen’s list went something like this:

– A non-traditional office space
– A table to work from on her laptop, where fellow collaborators could join her
– A place to have meetings
– Glamour
– Nothing too cluttered
– A place to hide away the printer + office essentials

Office Makeover Inspiration | Kelly Golightly

Step 3: A Moodboard

Any project starts with a moodboard. In some cases you come up with this together, in other cases on your own. In this case, since Kristen is basically a designer herself and had been envisioning this space likely for years, she came ready with moodboards. You can see those here in last week’s post.

She’d saved images she loved on Instagram into her collections (is it the new Pinterest?!)… and then screenshotted them + sent them to me. I added those to a secret Pinterest board which we of course called Suzanne Sugarbaker’s Office.

Step 4: Layout + Shopping!

With the moodboard in mind, it was time for my favorite part of a project — shopping!

We’re lucky to have so many great sponsors and partners in the ORC, so we started pinning items we liked from the partner sites.

At the same time, this helped clarify what Kristen needed/wanted. For instance, we started by pinning rectangular desks/tables. After playing around with a few layout options and rendering them in Chief Architect (thank you, Fred Baby!), Kristen realized she really wanted a round table.

This is why I put Layout + Shopping under the one step. They kind of go hand in hand. You start finding things you love + suddenly you realize you need to adjust the layout.

She also didn’t want any open shelving, but preferred a credenza to hide away a printer + office necessities.

We found the most jaw-dropping credenza from Scout Home.

I mean, look at her! She’s so gorgeous, she needs a name.

Any suggestions?


Step 5: Color Palette

Okay, this step may be slightly out of order but sometimes that’s exactly how projects go. You have to stay open and fluid when designing a room.

For instance, I assumed from looking at Kristen’s moodboard that she wanted a palette of pink and green.

But while she loved emerald green, it turns out she was much more drawn to  a cool lavender shade rather than pink. Also, she really loves this inkly blue-black hue, so wanted to incorporate that into the room. So….

Behold, what we came out with…

One Room Challenge Week 2: The Plan!


Do you love it?

I really, really do. And more importantly, Kristen loves it.

Stay tuned next week to see if we’re able to find the products to make this room design a reality!

Wish us luck…

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