As I mentioned in yesterday’s post about our Halloween decor, I usually miss the boat on Halloween. But if 2020 has shown us anything, it’s to celebrate any and all things. So, when thinking about what I wanted to dress up for Halloween, I only needed to look at the screen in front of me — Gilmore Girls! I re-watch the entire series every fall (anyone else have this tradition?) and decided to have some fun dressing up as Rory Gilmore in her Chilton uniform. See more pics of my Rory Gilmore Halloween Costume and how to get the look below!

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My Rory Gilmore Halloween Costume!

How To Dress Up As Rory Gilmore


Luckily, you likely have at least some of these pieces in your closet. For me, I already had a blue button down shirt and a navy blue blazer. For the rest, I ordered everything from Amazon.


Here’s what you need to re-create Rory Gilmore’s Chilton uniform:

Plaid Skirt

Navy Blazer

Blue Button Down Shirt

Criss Cross Bow Tie

Black or Navy Knee-High Socks

Saddle Shoes

Yellow Back Pack

Coffee Mug


Pop Tart optional 🙂

What do you think?


Would you dress up as Rory for Halloween? Or would you choose another Gilmore Girls character?

It would definitely be fun to do as a group costume too!


p.s. We shot these photos yesterday before we went to drop off our ballots at Palm Springs City Hall, so I voted as Rory Gilmore. Haha!

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