The Ace Hotel Halloween; The Flashdance Halloween Party at the Ace Palm Springs; BashPlease


If you’d like to dress up as Holly Golightly for Halloween, I’ve got the scoop on where to get a Holly Golightly costume! It’s easy, really….

Where To Get a Holly Golightly Costume


To dress up as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s the morning she first meets Fred Baby, you need just three things:


1.  Oversized men’s tuxedo shirt

 2. Holly Golightly sleep mask

3.  Tassel earrings/earplugs


You can buy these items individually or you can get the whole Holly Golightly costume set here.

Bonus if you get a long cigarette holder or candy cigarettes and false eyelashes!



Holly Golightly cat and dog Halloween masks

Holly Golightly Halloween Costume Idea


Another fun and easy Holly GolightIy costume idea? Dressing up as Holly and Fred Baby in Breakfast at Tiffany’s in the scene where they swiped plastic cat and dog masks from the five and dime drugstore!

And to dress up like this would be so easy.

For Holly, you just need a tomato orange/red coat (linked great options below!) and a vintage plastic cat Halloween mask.

For Fred Baby, a suit and tie, plus a dog mask.

I went on the hunt to find similar vintage masks.

Here’s where you can find plastic cat and dog masks for Halloween like Holly and Fred wear!


Whatever you decide to dress up as for Halloween, I hope you have fun!


The Ace Hotel Halloween; The Flashdance Halloween Party at the Ace Palm Springs; BashPlease


Note: This original post below is from 2010 (time flies!) but the links have been updated to make shopping easier.

Did you have a smashing Halloween? Thanks to The Flashdance and BashPlease, I had a splendid evening at The Ace Palm Springs that can best be described as a Halloween prom. Armed with my Holly Golightly sleepmask that I’ve had for years, my hubby’s tuxedo shirt that he wore when we got married and some tassels, I grabbed my candy cigarettes and false eyelashes, channeled my beloved Holly Golightly from my favorite Breakfast at Tiffany’s scene and headed to The Ace for the Best Halloween Party Ever.

Imagine my surprise when I met Holly Golightly in a fab LBD. Quel beast! I introduced myself as Hungover Holly and we had a delightful chitty chat over Moscow Mules and our shared goal of becoming the next Kelly Wearstler. Let’s just say LBD Holly has a much better shot, as she is an interior designer already (check out her blog The Decorista). And I just play one in my daydreams… Always the bridesmaid… Intending to go to the party with my daaahling Fred Baby as my date, hubby played a last-minute switcharoo on me and went instead as…

Arnold Schwarzenegger. Or, as he liked to tell people, Meg Whitman. He simply couldn’t resist channeling his Austrian roots. Making Halloween prom even sweeter (and saltier) were the daaahling Oh Joy (as ice cream – quel adorable!) and Oh Bob (as bacon – quel sizzlin’!). We had the cat’s meow of a time noshing on sweets, dancing to retro beats and playing in the Smilebooth photobooth.


Halloween party at Ace Palm Springs


It simply couldn’t have been more marvy…well except if a woman’s hat had caught fire, but otherwise, it was a perfect ace.


white tuxedo shirt and Tiffany blue sleep mask


If you have a chance to go to a Flashdance/Bashplease party, I highly recommend it.



And step on it, daahling!




photos by fred baby

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