Yesterday I shared a tour of our living room at Casa Golightly. Today, let’s check out the dining room!


Pink Dining Chairs | Kelly Golightly


I mentioned yesterday that these photos were taken after we had staged the house for sale.


Pink S Chairs | Kelly Golightly


Before, we had a dark brown table that we had had since New York, along with cream-colored chairs.



We never loved that combo, but there’s nothing like a deadline (selling this house) to make you finally change something.



It was too heavy for the space, and this round glossy white dining table with white leather chairs and pink Panton S chairs was such a better option.



When you’re staging a house for sale, you basically want to show there’s a lot of breathing room and clear out any clutter.



Previously, we had a giant red apple print called Uno la Mela by Enzo Mari on the wall.

Fun fact: Sarah Jessica Parker has the same apple print in her Hamptons kitchen!


Palm Springs Photography by Fred Moser | Kelly Golightly


While we love that piece of art and its sentimental value, this photo by Fred Baby was a much better fit, especially for capturing the Palm Springs lifestyle.


Pink Chairs + Palm Springs Art | Kelly Golightly


Just as with the living room, the dining room had a blue accent wall (it was painted like this when we moved in, so I’m afraid I don’t know the color for those of you who have asked).


Retro white bullet planter | Kelly Golightly


I have a black thumb, so instead of filling this bullet planter with a plant, I filled it with Pellegrino. Champagne would be fun too!


Pink Dining Room | Kelly Golightly


We opted not to have a rug here as we liked the glossy tile floors, in which you could often see the palm tree reflections in the floor!


Palm Springs Dining Room | Kelly Golightly


We did add custom drapes though, as the summer sun can be intense around sunset. Otherwise we kept it pretty simple.



Quite different from our new dining room at Villa Golightly!


Palm Frond Skirt | Kelly Golightly


What do you think?

And what does your dining room look like? Do you actually use it?

In both places, we ate/eat in the family room/living room in front of the boob tube. 😉




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