La Dolce Vita Boater Hat + Watermelon Dress on Kelly Golightly in Palm Springs, California

Have you heard of ASMR? It’s something I’d started hearing rumblings about, mostly in Orlando Soria’s InstaStories as he slowly opened packages, teasingly for ASMR freaks, but I’d never looked at what ASMR actually was. But that changed a few days ago when I finally watched an ASMR video, had a brain orgasm, and subsequently did a total 180 when it came to my insomnia and anxiety. Yup! Read on for more…

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Watermelon Dress on Kelly Golightly in Palm Springs, California

How to explain ASMR? Here’s the Wikipedia definition, but basically it stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. In laymen’s terms: If you have a tingly and relaxed reaction to You Tube videos of ladies whispering slowly and closely to the camera as they make various noises such as tapping on candles or spraying bottles or moving their hands, you have ASMR.

Are You an ASMR Freak? If So, This May Be the Cure to Insomnia + Anxiety (Really!)

Sounds weird, right? It is. But for those who have a reaction, it’s AMAZING! You can even have a “brain orgasm.” And I’m happy to say, this is one “diagnosis” I’m happy to have (ASMR).

Though there is no proven science behind ASMR, all you have to do is watch a video and see if you feel anything (the videos are free and plentiful, FYI). Just type in “ASMR” to YouTube and pick your poison.

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The first time I watched this ASMR video it was 3am and I was already very sleepy but overly tired and couldn’t fall asleep. Within minutes of watching, my head was tingling like crazy and my eyes became heavy. At one point, the tingling was so intense that it almost felt like my head was on fire. It was crazy! A brain orgasm is the perfect description. Or an adult lullaby. Or being hypnotized. You know when someone brushes your hair, and they brush the underside? It feels like that.

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While there is nothing sexual about it, you admittedly can feel like a weirdo/perv/fetishist watching these videos. But I now fall asleep each night to one or two ASMR videos (this one + this one), whereas before I’d lay in bed reading for hours trying to fall asleep.

Round Straw Bag + Watermelon Dress on Kelly Golightly in Palm Springs, California.

But here’s the real kicker. On Friday night, I fell asleep to an ASMR video. On Saturday morning when I woke up, I stayed in bed and watched another. Even though I didn’t want to fall asleep, I craved the blissed out effects.

And you know what? Even though I dozed off three times during the 30-minute video, after I got up I felt like I’d taken some kind of drug. I’ve never taken drugs, so the closest thing I can compare it to is the few times I’ve taken a full Valium. My brain was BLISSED OUT!

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SO much so that for the first time in over 8 months, we were able to hop in the car and take a little desert roadtrip where we even went off-roading down some steep terrain.

What is ASMR? Click thru to find out + read how it helped me overcome my anxiety + insomnia..really!

I’ve mentioned it a little before, but ever since December, I’ve pretty much not been able to make it down the road more than 5 miles and not been able to go on main roads. Whether it’s an autonomic response or overstimulation, anytime we go over 40 mph, I start to feel panicky and anxious. As you might imagine, that’s been super limiting and a total bummer. So this felt like a miracle!

Could ASMR be a natural cure for anxiety and insomnia? Read on to see....

I hoped it wasn’t a fluke so there was only one way to test it. Saturday night, I fell asleep to an ASMR video. Sunday morning, I watched another ASMR in bed before getting up. SAME REACTION. Totally blissed out brain. And so we hit the road again. The last two days have been the best days I’ve had in over 9 months. I’ve felt so light and happy and free.

Which is especially interesting because it was also exactly what I had visualized during the Visualization part of The Miracle Morning. Fred Baby and I in the middle of a desert road smiling at each other and feeling light and free without a care in the world.

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I know without a doubt that The Miracle Morning has been helping big time, but this ASMR business has been the icing on the cake and a total game changer. Today I naturally woke up at 9am. And was out of bed by 10am. That’s 2+ hours earlier than when I just did TMM sans ASMR.

SO, I HIGHLY recommend trying it. It’s free to watch on You Tube and if you’re an ASMR freak like I am, you will be so glad you did.

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Speaking of, it seems like ASMR is like cilantro. Either you love it or hate it. My Mom and Fred Baby are completely annoyed by it. My sister, however, had the exact same reaction as I did the first time she watched a video. Tingles galore. And funnily enough, our triggers were even the same.

I haven’t gotten nearly as many tingles since that first time I watched, but it still chills me out and puts me to sleep. Oh, and seems to have completely rid me of insomnia and anxiety, so there’s that. NBD.

Could ASMR be a natural cure for insomnia and anxiety? Click thru to see....

I’ve never been one who could be hypnotized, so on one hand, I was surprised to have such an intense reaction. On the other hand, since I am so overly sensitive to stimulation (noises, lights), albeit in a negative way, it makes sense that I’d be extremely primed to a reaction.

Do You Have ASMR? If so, it might be the cure to anxiety and insomnia. Click thru to read more...

It’s amazing that something SO simple, free, and that doesn’t require a prescription could be SO effective. I imagine it’s what mediation is supposed to do, except instead of feeling frustrated, the effects are instant bliss.

Have you heard of ASMR? Are you an ASMR freak like me? Or, do you think it’s completely annoying, creepy and weird? I’d LOVE to know in the comments.

If you have Hashimoto’s or any chronic illness/autoimmune disease, anxiety, etc. you must try it out!


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p.s. Thank you to Orlando Soria for completely changing my life, TBH. Orlando is hilarious BTW. You could get rid of Netflix and just watch his InstaStories.

p.p.s. How was the eclipse? Apparently it’s supposed to signify the end of one chapter and beginning of a new chapter. Um, that’s pretty spot on for me, as I’ve had a total eclipse of the heart, er…brain. #sorrynotsorry


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