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Yesterday was our official Day 1 kickoff of The Miracle Morning! How did it go for you? Here’s my update…

Overall, I LOVE it. As you know, I started my Miracle Morning a few days earlier to ease into it, so I’ve now worked my way up to doing all of the S.A.V.E.R.S. every morning. If you’re behind, check out The Book I’m Reading That I Hope Will Change My Life & Yours. And Are You Ready For The Miracle Morning?

The order I do my S.A.V.E.R.S. in are:

Silence/Exercise, Visualization, Reading, Affirmations, Scribing

How To Overcome Fear


My favorite has been the Exercising, which is shocking. First, when I get up, I do some jumping jacks and jump up a few times with my hands trying to reach the ceiling. This really gets the blood flowing and wakes you up. You also can’t help but crack up and feel childlike and silly. Endorphins all around. Woohoo!

Speaking of, my wakeup time is still late, though earlier than it used to be. So I’ve added to my Affirmations that I will get up 15 minutes earlier each day. Today, that meant 11:45. I know that likely seems ridiculous to most of you, and it is a luxury working from home that I can afford. But, as previously mentioned, I don’t want to be sleeping that late and my health can’t afford it, hence my journey with The Miracle Morning to begin with. Tomorrow I’ll be up at 11:30 because I committed to it in my Affirmations. The power of committing to something in writing is powerful.

Takeaway: Start where you are. I’m NOT a morning person. But since I’ve committed to waking up just 15 minutes earlier each day, by the end of the month, I should meet my goal/affirmation of being on the same schedule as Fred Baby. Won’t that be amazing?

Back to Exercising/Silence. I’ve found that Kundalini Yoga works really well for me and combines exercise with mediation. Headspace wasn’t working for me. In fact, it made me feel really agitated. The Kundalini Yoga video I found on You Tube seems a little woo-woo but it works. I’m already breathing much better and feel stronger. This is the video I watch.

I also realized I can barely do a push-up anymore. Upper body strength has always been my weakness and I usually end up with neck strain. But I thought: What if I just do 1 push-up today? Then 2 push-ups the next day? 3 the days after. Today I’m on Day 4 so did 4 push-ups. It’s a tiny thing, but fun to see the progression each day. Ideally, by the end of the month, I could do 30 push-ups. Let’s see! In the evenings, we take a walk up a big hill in our neighborhood, a hill I couldn’t get up just a few months ago. I’m feeling better than ever!

Takeaway: Find what works for you when it comes to Silence/Meditation and Exercise. And it’s totally okay to start small. In fact, it’s better. This isn’t an all or nothing program. If you can only do a 6-minute session of all the S.A.V.E.R.S. to begin with, do that. Or if you want to start with just one of the S.A.V.E.R.S., do that. That could be reading a few pages each day of The Morning Miracle.

Brave Enough


I’ve also really loved the Visualization part. It makes me feel light and happy. And it’s fun while we’re on our evening walk for Fred Baby and me to discuss what our Visualizations were that day. Interestingly enough, both of ours always have to do with travel. It hasn’t been anything around work or financial success. I’d love to hear what yours are!


The Affirmation part feels a little less awkward each day. After I say my Affirmations out loud, I also do my brain exercises.

The One Thing Book


Next up, Reading. I love this part. I’ve been reading The One Thing (simple but thought-provoking) and Brave Enough (filled with inspiring quotes). Love them both. Have you found something you enjoy reading? I’d love to know!

Why Multitasking Doesn't Work


When it comes to Scribing (aka journaling), I save that for last. I normally sum up what I’m feeling good about from that morning’s practice and/or the previous day. If there’s anything I want to commit to, I write it down. Again, it’s very powerful to write things down, especially when you say “I commit to…”

The pretty yellow journal I'm using for The Miracle Morning to help make me a morning person!

Speaking of, I ended up getting this journal to do my Scribing. The color and design make me very happy.

The pretty kate spade journal I'm using for The Miracle Morning to help make me a morning person!

Where I Do My Miracle Morning

Oh, and as for where I do my Miracle Morning? The Cloffice. It’s quiet and I keep my journal, pen and books in one spot, along with my iPad for playing the yoga video.

My Miracle Morning has become my favorite part of the day. Wild, right?

So, let me know: How is The Miracle Morning going for you? Where do you do yours? Do you have a favorite part? Let me know in the comments!

Also, on Instagram and social, use the hashtag #goodmorninggolightly and be sure to tag me so I can follow your journey too! I share daily updates (mostly from my bathtub!) on my Instagram Stories.

Next goal: Developing a nighttime routine. Stay tuned…


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