Are You Ready for The Miracle Morning?

The Miracle Morning with Kelly Golightly. Are you joining in?

Happy Friday, friends! I don’t know about you, but I am PUMPED for our kickoff of The Miracle Morning on Monday! Did you get your copy yet? Below I’m sharing how to get ready for The Miracle Morning!

Did my day start out as planned? NOPE. I woke up at 1pm. NOT my plan. But I did some jumping jacks to get my blood flowing, and then meditated (quickly learned this will be my biggest struggle – wowzers does my mind feel uncomfortable in stillness). I’m using the Headspace app, just FYI.

After, I reviewed the six steps from The Miracle Morning called the S.A.V.E.R.S.







I’m someone who needs to see things visually, so I wrote these in the back of my journal for easy reference, with notes.

Speaking of, be sure to have a journal or notebook on hand. Although you can also journal on your computer, if you wish. I’m finding that going analog is a great way to help slow my mind and focus.

Here’s a quick review of what I’ve noted for easy reference:

  • TMM is totally customizable.
  • You can do it for 6 minutes or 60 minutes. Ideally you wouldn’t do just 6 minutes every day, but if you’re short on time some days, or this is how you want to ease into it, go for it.
  • Your wake up time is customizable, but should be an hour before you need to “start your day.” Note: It should be at the same time every day.
  • You can do the S.A.V.E.R.S in any order you want.
  • You can eat before or after, though it’s recommended to do after. OR drink something like a smoothie, which is easy for your body to digest, so your mind remains focused.
  • When you wake up, first thing you should do is drink a full glass of water.


Silence – 5 minutes. Meditation, prayer, reflection, deep breathing, gratitude. Don’t do this in bed. (Ex: Breathe in through the nose for 3 seconds letting your belly – not your chest – expand, thinking I breathe in peace; Breathe out through the mouth for 3 seconds thinking I breathe out love).

Affirmations – Read them and say them out loud. I tweaked mine from an example the author gave. It’s also important to note the WHY and HOW. Why is this your affirmation/goal and how are you doing to make it happen? Being totally vulnerable here but this is my affirmation: “I am letting go of the limiting belief that I can’t deal with too much stimulation (driving, travel, movies, shopping). My brain is a miraculous organism capable of healing itself, and my capacity can improve, but only in proportion to how much I believe it can improve. So, from this moment on, I am maintaining the unwavering belief that I have a strong brain, and it’s continuing to get better every day.” WHY: So I can take care of myself and others, and live life fully and freely, without fear. HOW: I commit to doing my brain exercises 3 x a week.

Visualization – 5 minutes. Visualize what you want your life to look like/your goal(s), and then visualize the future once you’ve accomplished the goal and how it looks and feels. Visualize the actions you need to take to reach those goals and see yourself enjoying the process. Note: You can also do a Vision Board.

Exercise – 10 mins. Can be running, walking, yoga, etc.

Reading – 10 pages/day of self-help/business books. It can be reading The Miracle Morning or anything that fills your mind with knowledge or inspiration. I’m currently reading this.

Scribing – 5-10 minutes of journaling. What you’re grateful for, acknowledging your accomplishments, clarifying areas you want to improve on, planning specific actions you’re committed to taking to improve. OR it can simply be a synopsis of your day. Whatever you want to write.


Any questions, I’m all ears! Also, I’ve been sharing updates on Insta Stories. I know it’s not for everyone, but if you’re joining in on The Miracle Morning and #goodmorninggolightly, I’ll be giving updates there. If not, totally just skip through. Keeping it very real over there.

Have a great weekend!



p.s. Just a heads up that Sunday is the last day of the Nordstrom Sale (prices go back up on Monday). My faves here + here. I just ordered these and am about tho pull the trigger on this pink coat or this one. Because, well, pink!


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6 thoughts on “Are You Ready for The Miracle Morning?

  1. Kate

    Great post. Thanks so much for sharing!! I’m inspired to do this!

    It’s funny, the thing I feel most uncomfortable about is saying an affirmation out loud. It really shouldn’t be that hard, but it just seems like it will be awkward. Guess I better get over it! Maybe I’ll do them in the shower.

    1. Kelly Post author

      Yay Kate! So happy you’re joining in! It really is motivating to do this together.

      Agreed on the affirmations. I tried it today for the first time and felt like Stuart Smiley from SNL. But doing them in the shower is not a bad idea. In fact, the author’s friend did them that way and that’s how he learned about affirmations — his friend would shout them out at the top of his lungs!

      Good luck xo!

    1. Kelly Post author

      Thank you, me too! It’s the kick in the pants I need and super easy steps to follow. The perfect amount of structure I’m in need of.

  2. Sydne

    Excited that we’re both doing this at the same time! I skipped this week because of travel but plan to get back into it Monday! Sending you lots of love.

    1. Kelly Post author

      I saw that on your Insta Story and freaked out! Didn’t know you were doing it until then. I tried to message you but it wouldn’t let me. Anyway, SUPER excited to be giving it a whirl together! I’ve done it the past few days and already feel calmer.


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