How To: Throw an Awards Show Party Like a Leading Lady

Cute {free} Oscars party decor from skinnygirl cocktails via

For the Golden Globes I hosted an awards show party and I’d love to share some of the photos in case you’d like to entertain like a leading lady and throw an Oscars party next weekend! Luckily, Skinnygirl® Cocktails has a free downloadable Awards Season Party Toolkit, which made a lot of the planning fun and easy. Hope you enjoy!

See all of our Awards Show Party pics below… Cute Awards Show Party food idea via -- top hats for popcorn buckets

I went with a black-and-white color palette with pops of shiny gold and a splash of red.

Cute idea for an Awards Show Party via -- top hats as decor!

These top hats from a party store doubled as clever decor (suspended on the wall) and fun popcorn buckets.

Easy & impactful party decor trick on : Lipstick on a mirror. Perfect for an Oscars party.

A quick swipe of lipstick = a love letter to your guests.

how to throw an awards show party & what to serve  // more ideas & recipes on

After overindulging during the holidays, I wanted to keep the menu fairly simple and on the lighter side, opting for easy finger foods: crudite and Green Goddess Dip (see/download the recipe on the Skinnygirl® Cocktails Facebook page), cucumber tea sandwiches that I cut into the shape of stars with a cookie cutter, as well as heat-and-serve mini quiches and spanakopita. Oh, and popcorn and movie theater candy, naturally.

Fun idea for an awards show party: star-shaped sandwiches. More ideas on SkinnyGirl Cocktails Recipes & Awards Show Party Decor Trick via Use jewelry as decor! Cute ideas for how to throw an awards show party -- top hat popcorn buckets & star-shaped sandwiches via Awards Show Party idea on Golden Fererro Rochers as mini Golden Globes

Along with the movie theater candy, I put Oreos on lollypop sticks and arranged mini golden globes (Ferrero Rochers) on a cake plate. (I can’t help myself!)

how to throw an awards show party: rim glasses with edible gold glitter stars. More ideas  on

For drinks, it was fun whipping up suggested recipes like The Starlet, The Bombshell and The Showstopper (deelish recipes here — simply like the Skinnygirl® Cocktails Facebook page to see them and print them out), as well as inventing a few of my own, which I named after famous screen sirens.

Rim glasses with edible gold stars for a standout awards show party  via

I rimmed all of the glasses with edible gold stars (why not?!).

how to throw an awards show party -- ideas and tips like edible gold star-rimmed glasses on skinnygirl cocktails awards season toolkit via

Here’s a party trick: Use jewelry as decor to add sparkling {free} glamour to your soiree.

awards show party cocktail ideas via Clever Oscars Party ideas via skinnygirl cocktails awards season toolkit & oscar party ideas via skinnygirl cocktails awards season toolkit  via

The downloadable toolkit (which is completely free) also has these cute labels that you can use to dress up your bottles. Winning!

where to print awards show party & oscar party ballots  via

Speaking of winning, you can also print out ballots here.

Use top hats to collect ballots & as decor for a fun Oscars Party! More ideas on

Have your guests fill out their ballots when they arrive and then, at the end of the night, award prizes (fun tchotchkes from the dollar store, etc.) to the person who picked the most winners. You can also give out prizes — including bottles of your fave Skinnygirl® Cocktails — to the guest who had the best red carpet pose or the best bling.

what to wear to an awards show party: old bridesmaids dresses! more fun party ideas like top hats as decor on

On the invitations, I requested that we channel Old Hollywood by busting out our old bridesmaids dresses, our vintage and our couture, so I wore my maid-of-honor dress from my sister’s wedding from (gulp) 10 years ago (finally, a reason to wear a bridesmaid dress again!). Traipsing around home in a ballgown? I felt like Kelly Wearstler circa 2006!

Kelly Lee of shares easy tips & tricks for a knockout Awards Show Party

A faux fur jacket was draped around my shoulders and I accessorized with some family jewels, gold nails and mini gold disco ball earrings I picked up at the party store. (If you can’t find these where you live, do what my friend, DIY queen Kristen Turner of Glitter n Glue, did after seeing mine and make a pair!)

golden globe earrings make fun accessories for a Golden Globes Party or Awards Show Party. More ideas on

I invited all my best girls and in between watching Tina and Amy on TV, we had a blast in the photo booth.

Kelly Lee, Good Bad and Fab, Sydne Summer, Devon Rachel

Here I am hamming it up and glamming it up with Jenny of Good Bad and Fab, Sydne of Sydne Style and Devon of Devon Rachel. These girls know how to work a red carpet!

Here's a cute Oscar party idea: Roll out the red carpet for your guests. More easy & statement-making ideas on

Speaking of red carpets, the Skinnygirl® Cocktails Awards Season Toolkit also lets you download a step-and-repeat.

Roll out the red carpet for your Awards Show Party guests! More party tricks & tips on

For some reason the “step” part lodged in my cabeza and I assumed this meant it should be to step on — on the red carpet. Sillygirl is more like it!

A cute idea for photo booth backdrop for your Oscars Party / Awards Show Party: a {free} step-and-repeat. Download it from Skinnygirl Cocktails. More info on

I didn’t realize until later that it meant it would make a great photo backdrop, just like the celebrities pose in front of at events. The good news is we had so much fun at this party that we’re already planning an Oscars bash, so I can use it then. Although my way makes for fun shoe shots.

How to make a cute photo booth backdrop for your Awards Show Party on

Wink, wink.

Kelly Golightly shows you how to dress up your bottles for an Oscars Party or Awards Show Party with the downloadable {free} SkinnyGirl Cocktails Toolkit on Kelly Lee, Sydne Summer, Good Bad and Fab Kelly Lee (, Sydne Summer (

The photo booth was so much fun! Here Sydne and I are accepting our awards for biggest hams of the night. Who, me?! You love me, you really love me!

I invited all my best girls (and let a few guys sneak in as well...if they donned tuxes and suits) and in between watching Tina and Amy on TV, we had a blast in the photo booth.

Here I am with Vanessa from Turquoise and Lisa from Lisa Michelle Collection (in one of her own creations!). Find yourself some fringe, some fun props — some great friends — and a camera and you’ve got yourself a photo booth!

bowties and props

Good props are everything.

I invited all my best girls (and let a few guys sneak in as well...if they donned tuxes and suits) and in between watching Tina and Amy on TV, we had a blast in the photo booth.

Alice and I are ready for our close-up.

I invited all my best girls (and let a few guys sneak in as well...if they donned tuxes and suits) and in between watching Tina and Amy on TV, we had a blast in the photo booth.

And here I congratulate my friend Rebecca on her victory. Winning!

Jamie Stone, Kristen Turner, Good Bad and Fab

My friends Jamie of Queen of the Quarter Life Crisis, Kristen of Glitter n Glue and Jenny of Good Bad and Fab hit the red carpet like the stars they are.

Kristen Turner (

Some of my friends are just so shy. Spinning!

Jamie Stone, Kristen Turner, Good Bad and Fab I invited all my best girls (and let a few guys sneak in as well...if they donned tuxes and suits) and in between watching Tina and Amy on TV, we had a blast in the photo booth.

Alice accepts her Golden Globe while Jenny and I provide moral support.


Mystery guests… Too famous to be photographed.

Alice and Marina

Or not! Alice and Marina take two.


Kristen of Style Wax Poetic glams it up with her friend in salmon pink, who unwittingly channeled Jessica Alba’s Golden Globes ensemble.

Alice Chung awards show awardsshowparty37 awardsshowparty39 awardsshowparty38 Alice Chung, Marina Beck and Kristen Turner ( Thank you gift

For party favors, I whipped up these bow ties from a fabric sample swatch book I had laying around (sometimes procrastinating on which fabric to make drapes from pays off!).

Here’s the quick bow tie DIY


And that’s a wrap! I’m off to hand out these fun social media award badges to guests for Best Bling, Best Red Carpet Pose, Best Guest and the like. The party never ends!

Kelly Lee -

You can find the Awards Season Party Toolkit, including great recipes, labels, badges and more on the Skinnygirl® Cocktails website and Facebook page. Cheers!

Art direction + styling by Kelly Lee for Kelly Golightly

Photography by FredBaby13

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Skinnygirl® Cocktails

All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that help us run Kelly Golightly & enable fun posts like these!

Oscars Party DIY: Bow Tie Pins
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