In the spirit of the Fourth of July and having the right to vote, not to mention our undying love of animal accessories and soft spot for Jonathan Adler, we present these cheeky elephant and donkey ceramic banks.
A super cute baby gift for your fave future republican or democrat, as well as a fun retirement gift for your hardened republican or democrat, as peeps who tend to see both sides with rose-colored Gucci-knockoff glasses (kidding), we’ll take one of each, thanks.
Why not treat yourself to an Independence Day prezzie? You’re worth it.
Plus, it’ll finally give you somewhere to put all your change and will be the most carefree pet you’ll ever have.
Take a peek!
p.s. kellygolightly is off for the long weekend! We hope you have a fabulous Fourth of July and look forward to seeing you next week, where we’ll be bussing from the Nordics and the Netherlands!

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