[1. J.Crew Secret Wash Chapman Tartan Shirt — because he’d never buy it for himself but would look great in it $65+; 2. Phonekerchief — because sometimes a cheeky nudge is appreciated $15; 3. Whiskey Aftershave — for the man who likes to smell like his favorite beverage $12; 4. J.Crew Rugged Twill Weekender — so you can tell him to get outta town and mean it and he can do it with style, not a backpack $168]



[1. Royal VKB & GIJS Bakker’s Self-Balancing Tray — because he always wanted to be Mr. Belvedere $72; 2. The Green  Apple Tee — because he’s the apple of your eye and it matches the Enzo Mari La Mela print you got him when you first fell in love, which btdubs, has tripled in price you art genius you (let’s just ignore the fact that the frame he had to buy for it cost five times the print) 29 Euro 3. Canned Unicorn Meat — for the guy who has everything, including a wicked sense of humor $12;  4. Cloak Bag Discreet Shoot-Through SLR/DSLR Camera Bag — so he doesn’t get mugged for looking like a tourist just for having the eye of Henri Cartier-Bresson $49]


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