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Yello’ Friday! That was a quickie. Even though a shortened workweek is good in theory, they always leave me feeling jet-lagged. You too? Some things on my mind + this outfit + weekend links.

So much to talk about…

First, Florida. We are all hoping for the best and thinking of you. But please, if we learned anything from Texas, if you can, evacuate, evacuate, evacuate (I’m talking to you, Uncle Bob).

I’d also love to give a shout-out to my brother-in-law who is in Houston for the next month helping out with disaster relief.

In uplifting news, did you see that J.J. Watt has now raised over $20M?! His original goal was $200K. Incredible!

In other news…

Weekend links:

My ovaries!

Have you seen Jamie Beck’s exquisite A Year in Provence self-portrait series?

Garance Dore on why she no longer goes to Fashion Week. Same. If you’d like me to elaborate, let me know and I’ll do a post or InstaStory.

I’ll be binge-watching Tig Notaro’s second season of One Mississippi on Amazon this weekend.

My friend Nicky also just turned me on to Bitter Homes and Gardens, a web series on You Tube. I’m only one episode in but it had me literally laughing out loud.

I’ve loved chatting Gilmore Girls on Instagram and InstaStories! ICYMI, we’re chatting if we’re #TeamLuke, #TeamChristopher or #TeamMax. Can you guess which I am? My answer is in the comments on this post.

A few of you said your favorite shows were Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, and Golden Girls. Note to self: If and when I create a TV show, naming it G(something) Girls is a surefire way to success.

Speaking of Instagram, they are messing with the algorithm again and it is making it really discouraging to want use the platform. In the past week my likes have been cut in half, and it’s because Instagram isn’t showing you my posts. Such a bummer! Can we please just go back to chronological order already? If you want to be sure not to miss a post, please turn on notifications (go to my profile, click the little three dots on the upper right, and click Turn On Post Notifications).

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Have a great weekend xo!


What I’m Wearing:

yellow gingham dress | similar hat c/o | bag (also here) c/o | espadrilles (super comfy!) c/o




p.s. What’s your sign?

p.p.s. Do hue love or loathe fall’s newest hue? If you love it, you’ll likely fall for this clutch, this skirt, and this pullover sweater and matching skirt. I also love this mini! Total Twiggy vibes.


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