Have you heard the news? It’s totally appropriate to wear pajamas outside of the house in public! Music to my ears… But how to make them fashion? Hint: Make them fabulous. Here, I frolic with my sweet, silly Alle in our feather-trimmed pink pajamas that would be perfect for holiday cocktail parties…or even Easter morning, brunch, etc! See more below + more colors and patterns below!


The Post

Fancy Feather Pajamas: Sleeper | Fuzzy Heels: similar | Tassel Earrings: similar

Fancy Pajamas

I love a dress as much as the next girl, but sometimes you wanna shake things up.

Enter: fancy pajamas!

They’re literally designed to be worn outside of the house in public. In case you needed permission…

And if you’re wondering what to wear to a holiday party and don’t want to go the dress route, these fancy feather pajamas are perfect!

The Backstory

Alle and I have been wanting to do an Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren photo shoot for forever now. I mean Alle looks SO much like Sophia Loren, so I demanded it. 😉

As we started planning out our outfits, we both fell hard for these SLEEPER pajamas. So while our original idea may have diverged, we ended up having so much playing dress up in our pjs!

And to be totally honest, we kept the tags on at first. I mean we loved these pajamas but they are a splurge, so we weren’t sure if we’d keep them or not.

But spoiler alert: We both fell hard core for them and made the splurge. They’re so comfy, so chic and make us feel like our most glamorous selves!

How to Wear Pajamas in Public

While we’re wearing our pajamas at home here, in Villa Golightly, they’re actually made to be worn outside of the house in public.

But you don’t want to pair them with your fuzzy slippers. Instead, try a fuzzy heel like we did here for a ’60s Old Hollywood glam look, or even a sparkly glitter heel.

I’d top off the look on cold nights with a faux fur jacket.

And don’t forget the jewels. Statement earrings such as the pink tassel earrings like Alle is wearing are a great addition. But I wouldn’t kick gold hoops or diamonds out of bed either.

If you’re on the fence, may I suggest the black pair?

I love how chic they are and are super versatile too. You can pair the top with jeans, and the bottoms with a tee.

All hail pajamas outside of the boudoir!

What do you think… Would you wear the pajama trend in public?






Pink Feather Pajamas: Sleeper (the black pair is so chic too!) | Furry Heels: similar | Pink Tassel Earrings: similar



Top bloggers Kelly Golightly and Alle Abroad wear Feather Pajamas, aka Party Pajamas, while sitting on a pink couch.

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