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Do you collect anything? Recently I’ve been on an ice bucket buying frenzy (random, I know). It started with this irresistible Trina Turk ice bucket I picked up at Mrs. Lilien’s book party. It seemed so Palm Springs and we were celebrating closing on the house.

And it looks so good on our vintage bar cart. Then, this weekend, we had friends visiting in Palm Springs and hit up some vintage stores. I couldn’t resist a tall white ice bucket with geese on the front (an homage to Swannie, perhaps?). Fred Baby resisted but, after my insistence, finally caved. Later that night we talked in bed for an hour about how he didn’t want any more clutter for fear of becoming hoarders and I told him not to Roger Zoe me, not to dull my shine (my latest retort when he tries to stifle my style!).

Then…the next day, while shopping with Jenny, I spotted a gold and white ice bucket. I’m sure you can guess what happened next.

When I came home, Fred Baby couldn’t believe it. “Is that ANOTHER ice bucket?” he asked in amazement. To which I could only reply, “It’s an illness.”

Do you have anything that you collect? And simply can’t resist? Like love, it can’t be explained, you just have to have it?

p.s. For the record, I’ve never actually put ice in my ice buckets. I simply like the way they look. Though I have started using them as flower vases. So that makes it okay, right?

p.p.s. I would officially like to blame Trina Turk for our marital squabbles.

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