Get all the celeb dish from the girl who’s paid to party with the stars, E!’s ‘Party Girl’!

Total Hautie: E! Entertainment’s ‘Party Girl’ Lara Morgenson

Partying with Hollywood’s A-list is a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it. And that somebody is E!-lister Lara Morgenson, a.k.a’s ‘Hollywood Party Girl’ columnist. She parties with the crème de la crème of the Hollywood who’s-hot (think Paris, Lindsay and Leonardo just to name-drop a few) and then dishes all the dirt and details (like what the celebs are doing and wearing) in her juicy weekly column ‘Hollywood Party Girl’ which you can read here.

kellygolightly chatted up Ms. Fabulous herself and found out what’s really going down in Ho’wood and how we, too, can look Party Girl-fabulous at all times.

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Tell us a lil about yourself

Birthday: Sept 23rd, send me presents please!

Educational and Professional Background: I’m a good Midwestern girl who attended Kansas State University and got my Masters from Emerson College. I worked for a few years at Simon & Schuster before heading to L.A. where I landed a job as an assistant at E! Online and never looked back.

How did you land a gig where you get paid to party with the A-list, or should we say the E!-list? It was all about being in the right place at the right time. I’d been reporting on the party scene for Ted Casablanca’s column “The Awful Truth.” I pitched the idea to our brilliant Editor-in-Chief and she loved it! And it’s been one big party ever since.

Party Perks

Fave party ever and why? Last summer’s Juicy Couture Swim Party. It was poolside at an amazing Beverly Hills Mansion (it was where they shot Christina’s birthday party in Mommy Dearest). It was completely star-studded party and at the same time completely laidback. I wore the perfect green and white strapless summer dress, hung out with the Kates…Beckinsale and Bosworth. My second favorite was the T-Mobile Sidekick Summer Bash with an intoxicating performance by the Black-Eyed Peas. Paris, Lindsay, Nicole and all the party girls were in rare form and I had so much fun.

We can only imagine that you get some pretty swell swag in your line of “work” — tell us about your fave scores! Swag is definitely one of the best perks of my job. I do share a lot of it with my friends and family but when I got an light blue Escada bag there was no way I was giving it away! Otherwise, I get tons of beauty products, which I love. I always have a new face cream (guaranteed to make me look 10 years younger) or shampoo to test.

Celeb Lowdown

Fave celeb and why? I love Kristin Davis, not only because she has great style and I’m always drooling over her outfits, but she always remembers me which is pretty cool. The first time I met her she told me I was “so Charlotte” because I had on a vintage sundress with a full skirt.

Most loathsome celeb and why? C’mon, you can tell us! I’m not a big Adrien Brody fan…he’s never been particularly pleasant to interview, in my experience. Plus, I don’t get his style–that hip-hop sweatsuit thing. It’s so Ashton Kutcher.

Ever dish something unflattering about a celeb and have them call you on it? Sharon Stone. In the first column I ever wrote I called her the middle-aged version of Paris Hilton because she’d been attending so many events. Later when I wanted to speak to her at an event, I was told no way. Oops!

Most appalling celeb moment/encounter? Too many to count! I’m pretty clumsy so making a fool of myself is pretty common. I tried to flirt with Julian McMahon and when I tried to toss my hair and look alluring, I fell off the wheeled ottoman I was perched on. He laughed, I pretended like I meant to do that.

Tips + Advice

Any tips on what makes a great party? I think it’s all about having great music, plenty of drinks (both alcoholic and non), delicious hors d’oeuvres (who wants to be hungry?) and an eclectic and outgoing mix of guests. I like to invite my best buddies, some cool co-workers (the ones who don’t talk only about work) and then that couple you met a few weeks ago, and so on. And encourage people to bring friends!

Fave LA hotspots? The “in” club in L.A. comes and goes as quickly as Paris Hilton’s boyfriends so I’m a fan of the solids like Sky Bar and Nacional. Right now the hot places to be seen are Guys, Mood and anything Brent Bolthouse’s puts together–right now he’s hosting a list-only night at Lucky Strike Lanes. Last time I went I bowled next to Ashley Olsen.

Any tips for regular girls with lofty ambitions to get on the A or E!-list? It’s all who you know, so if this way of life really appeals to you then you might want to think about a career in publicity or, obviously, be an actor! If not, then become best friends with the well-connected types, publicists, managers, agents. Or better yet, become a freelance reporter like I did!

Advice for girls wanting a dream job like yours? How can one prepare — join a sorority? I think the most important thing to realize is that having a job like mine means that your job is to go out and party–whether you feel like it or not. I’m not sure there’s any one predestined path that can prepare you for a job like mine. But yup, you guessed it, I was a sorority girl! Hey, you gotta learn how to do kegstands somehow.

Must-have qualities for those looking to succeed in your line of work? You can’t be a wild ‘n’ crazy partier downing shots at the bar, you have to be able to remember every last detail from the night! So my days of dancing on tables are in the past, now I leave those kind of scene-stealing moves to Lindsay Lohan!

Are there any downsides to what seems like the world’s best job? Sometimes it’s like being in high school. You’re popular enough to get invited to the cool parties, but once you’re there, the cool kids don’t want to hang out with you. And let’s face it, Monique Lhuiller, Dior and Dolce & Gabbana are not dressing me for these events! [Editor’s Note: Not yet, Party Girl!]

Party Girl Style

What do you wear to these faboo parties and is it all expensable? Unfortunately, I haven’t sold my accountant (or E!) on expensing all of my outfits. L.A. is a jeans town so I wear jeans most of the time. I do throw on the occasional black dress, I just bought a strappy Saint Grace black dress that I love.

Any Party Girl must-haves and products you can recommend to keep us looking Party Girl-ready and in tip-top glam shape at all times? I love Lola cosmetic’s mini-gloss set. The mini-lipsticks are perfect for tucking into a clutch or even your pocket if it’s a hands-free (like when you go dancing) night. And I’m a huge proponent of Tylenol PM after a late-night with too much champagne. It’s the perfect remedy for helping you sleep through the hangover. If that doesn’t do it, Alka-Seltzer might. Otherwise, sleep, sleep, sleep. Oh–and I love DuWop I Gels for when my eyes are puffy.

Fave shops, online and offline? Online I love and I just found this cute new site that is all skirts called In Los Angeles, I shop everywhere from Forever 21 and Intuition to Banana Republic and Nordstrom to Fred Segal and Lisa Kline.

Fave celeb style? Lately I’ve been loving Nicole Richie’s style. Of course, she has the best stylist in the biz working with her, Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig so that’s probably a big part of it.

Fave things you can’t live without:

1. My three amigos: my cell phone, Ipod and Dell laptop

2. Denims: my Juicy and James Jeans

3. My new C-Label “Cinnamon Girl” blue wedge sandals

4. Clarins self-tanning cream

5. Being a natural blonde, I would die without Liz, who waxes and dyes my eyebrows at Lukaro Salon
6. TIVO. With my lifestyle I’d never get to see America’s Next Top Model and Lost!
7. Cosabella lingerie
8. T-shirts by Saint Grace and Cherry Tees

9. Lancome thick lash mascara

Closing Credits

Where can we find you in 10 years (please tell us there’s a book and/or a show in your future!)? That’s the plan! I like to believe that 10 years from now I will have hung up my party shoes and am instead writing books based upon my Hollywood experiences. Maybe I’ll even have my own show…

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