amorino gelato paris ile st louis

We’re off to London and Paris tonight! I am in full-on packing mode. It’s a cool 30-50 degrees (hello, snow!), so it’s bundle-up weather which means sweaters, scarves, boots and a big coat — things that have become pretty foreign to this SoCal transplant. Not exactly the springtime-in-Paris trip I was originally imagining, but not to worry, I can eat Amorino gelato and Berthillon ice cream in any climate (whew!).

We ended up… renting an apartment in the Marais (with Wifi), so I should be able to post here on the blog, but you can follow up-to-the-minute adventures on Instagram. I love that it feels like we can experience the trip together there. I’m most looking forward to: shopping the farmer’s market and cooking in, going to the flea market, pain au chocolat, renting Vespas, picnicking in front of the Eiffel Tower, taking a boat ride on the Seine, snuggling up with a book and hot drink at Merci, exploring Montmartre for the first time, and eating gelato on Ile St Louis.

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on the other side of the pond xx!

p.s. A huge merci to everyone for their amazing Paris tips and recommendations! And a big thank you to the universe (and Bebe & Sydne Summer) for yesterday’s brunch — I was very fortuitously seated next to a lovely woman who lives in…Paris! She had some great recommendations. Isn’t that a happy coincidence?

[Photo by Kelly Golightly]

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