the perfect trench for under $100 | kelly golightly

Last week I shared the perfect cape for under $100. Today I’m sharing the other coat in my life that I wear every other day and am always asked about. Meet… the trench.

the perfect trench | kelly golightly

I scooped this trench coat up at Zara last spring and it goes everywhere I do, from London to LA. It’s Hammer, go Hammer… Oh wait, where was I?

long trench coats | kelly golightly

This coat has traipsed around London Town in the rain, kept me warm on cool days in Capri, and even accompanied me to Audrey Hepburn’s home in Switzerland.

audrey hepburn trench coat | kelly golightly

This coat is my righthand girl. I find myself tossing her on when I’m short on time and need to look a bit more pulled together yet not like I’m trying too hard. Which is almost always. Over denim, over dresses, this trench makes getting dressed a cinch when I’m in a pinch.

perfect trench under $100 | kelly golightly

Sadly it can’t be found online anymore, but I’ve done some digging and found a nearly identical option that I love even more — and it’s under $100. Even better, it’s two coats in one.

perfect trench under $100 | kelly golightly

You can unbutton the bottom and just wear the cute cropped jacket too. How great is that? Plus, I love the icy pink undertone. Pink does wonders for a girl’s complexion.

convertible trench coat under $100 | kelly golightly

You can scoop it up here, if you’d like.


A few more trench coats I love, from luxe to less:

 Third photo by Bonnie Tsang; all others by Fred Baby

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