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I’m talking spring trends with BeBe TV and where to get s cute coral blazer!


Spring Trends with BeBe TV

Remember the bebe Girls Who Lunch event I attended a few weeks back? While there, I was interviewed by Red Carpet Roxy for bebe TV about my favorite spring style trends and thought it would be fun to share the videos (even though seeing myself on film still makes me wince). Click play to watch the two videos below. Also, I was honored to be featured on bebe’s site, which you can see here (snapshot above).

See more below and read on for why I thought I was dying as this interview was taking place (I like to keep it real here on Kelly Golightly and sometimes I’m real crazy and more like Kelly GoFrightly). Perhaps you can relate?


Talking spring trends with bebe

Talking spring styling with bebe

Oh right, back to that part about why I thought I was dying…




Following a fab, sun-dappled brunch in which I may have imbibed more than my fair share of sugar (it’s Bouchon, what’s a girl to do when macarons are dangled in front of her face?), we walked inside to check out the bebe goodies. Red Carpet Roxy asked to interview me and my fab fashion pal Devon Rachel. As we were about to roll, I looked to my right at Roxy and suddenly her two beautiful eyes became one.

She started asking me a question, so I replied, the whole time thinking Why does Roxy now have one eye? I thought, That’s strange, I’ve never noticed that about her. I turned to my left as Devon was speaking and suddenly her two bright eyes became one. I thought, Am I going crazy or am I surrounded by two beautiful cyclopses? Even though I was starting to freak the fab out, I managed to continue chatting style, all the while thinking my eyes must just be having a hard time adjusting from coming inside when it was so bright outside. And to be fair, I’d only had a half glass of champagne. You know, for the record and all. Thank you, Judge Judy. For the record!




As the interview wrapped, even though I was surrounded by friends whom I could have easily asked for HELP! (and for a ride home — or to the ER), I moseyed over to the elevator solo to walk home (I live a block away). In the elevator, I saw something silvery and radiant out of my right eye, like a flash from a comic strip (BAM! KAPOW!), albeit in a slightly chevron pattern. I tried to remain calm, but I’d just gotten the whooping cough vaccine the day before in preparation for my niece-to-be’s arrival and thought I must be having some bad reaction. Or this is it. This is MS. Or a brain tumor. It’s happening. I’m dying.

Um, if it’s not yet clear, I’m a smidgen of a hypochondriac.

I made it home, and by that time my vision had mostly returned to normal, although my depth perception still seemed a little wackadoo (when I went to type on my phone, it was like my finger couldn’t tell how far away the screen was). After calling Fred Baby, who was picking up the dry cleaning, and nearly bawling Come home now, I called the pharmacy and asked if my symptoms could be a side affect of the vaccine. The guy said, “Let me look it up real quick” and then came back on and said, “Well, it says the only thing related to vision problems would mean you have Guillain–Barré syndrome, which is where you lose nerve and muscle control.” (SAY WHAT?!) “But let me make a call and then I’ll call you back, okay?” Um, okay.




I proceeded to lay there for the next 15 minutes, trying to figure out if my foot was going numb and if that was the beginning of the end. I jumped up and down to be sure I could still feel…myself. Fred Baby came home and I told him what was happening and that we were waiting on a call back to see what was wrong with me. He remained calm and unflappable as I cried But I don’t wanna die. I don’t want to go blind before our trip to Paris (which was the next day). Yes, you heard that right. I don’t want to go blind before Paris (I mean, what a waste that would be).

A looooong 15 minutes later, the phone rang. I made Fred Baby answer it. I couldn’t bear to hear that any moment now I would lose all muscle control and then be trapped in my own body. I studied Fred Baby’s face for his reaction and watched as it fell from smiling to serious.

Oh no, it’s true, I thought to myself while burying my head in my pillow.


bebe girls who lunch


Fully expecting Fred Baby to scoop me up and head for the ER, he hung up the phone and told me: “If it was Guillain–Barré, you would have felt the effects within minutes of getting the vaccine, so you’re in the clear. It’s most likely environmental (i.e. too much sun, too much sugar), but if it happens again, you should go to the doctor.”


Okay then. Whew!

Of course, when I told this story to my dad later that day, (also a fellow hypochondriac, though he would probably never admit it) he said, “I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but it sounds like a stroke. If it happens again, get to the doctor right away.” Thanks Dad.

Luckily, it never happened again and I was fine (though a check-up certainly is long overdue), and I was able to see the beauty of Paris before going blind or dying. And for that, I am grateful.




Why am I telling you this?

Because sometimes things seem a certain way from the outside. Wow, look at that girl who has it all together. But the truth is noboy has it all together or all figured out. Everyone has their moments (albeit in this case, mostly self-induced). I have a friend — a very successful and organized friend — who definitely seems to have it all together, but recently confessed it only appears that way from the outside and that it’s all being held together by a string. And I think that most of us feel the same way. So cheers to keeping the crazy in check most of the time and knowing that we’re all in this together. And to holding on to that little string and swinging on it like Tarzan as far as we can go in this wild jungle we call life. And when it breaks, to finding a new one.

p.s. A huge thank you to Sydne Summer for naming me one of her favorite blogs in an interview with bebe and her “go-to girl for entertaining tips,” alongside Cheetah is the New Black, Damsel in Dior, Late Afternoon, Devon Rachel and Gal Meets Glam. Honored to be in such great company! Thanks, Sydne!

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