One of the most fun things we did in Paris was rent a Vespa.


And despite hearing horror stories of visiting Paris in August, it was by far our favorite month to visit yet. We’ve been previously to Paris in the winter (beautiful but frigid). We’ve been to Paris in the spring (beautiful but freezing). We’ve been to Paris in the fall (beautiful but cold). But August was a real treat. Who knew we were doing it wrong the whole time?!


 Similar to New York, all of the locals head out of town on vacation, which leaves Paris gloriously empty, perfect for traipsing through the streets on a Vespa.

Paris by Vespa | KELLY GOLIGHTLY

The sun is shining (and doesn’t set until 10pm!), the pace slows, and everyone’s just enjoying life in the City of Light. Plus, you don’t need a jacket at night, a simple silk scarf will do.


Disclaimer: If it’s your first trip to Paris or you are really keen on the top tourist attractions (the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower), those spots will be jammed with visitors, but if you’ve been before or simply like to wander the streets and enjoy cafe life, like we do, then I would recommend Paris in August in a heartbeat.


When in Paris, we tend to stick to the two places we love most: Ile Saint-Louis and the Marais. But on Vespa, we finally zipped over to Montmartre and up to Sacre-Couer with a very helpful tip from our Vespa rental company. Simply tell the police, who block off Montmartre from traffic, that you are going to your hotel that way you can ride right up to Sacre-Couer. #golightlyandclyde

Shhhh…that secret is just between you and me.


Of course, while the views from Sacre-Couer were beautiful, our fun was in seeing all of the colorful streets. You can see a peek here but I’ll be sure to share more soon as well as more highlights from Paris. Winter, spring, summer or fall, I can’t wait to go back!

Vintage Cars of Paris | KELLY GOLIGHTLY

Have you visited Paris? What’s your favorite time to go? If you haven’t yet been, when do you dream of going? I’d love to make like Ina and Jeffrey and ring in the New Year in Paris. And I’d love to be there for Bastille Day too. If I’m lucky, I might just be back next month (fingers crossed!).

What I’m Wearing:

Dress: JustFab ‘JF Breanna shift dress’ c/o | Sandals: Madewell  | Bracelet: similarSunglasses: similar | Scarf: similar



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