Odee Golightly at 8 months | Kelly Golightly

Two days ago, on April 10th, Odee turned 8 months old! A few days before that, she got her first real haircut. We snapped these photos right before the mobile groomer pulled into our driveway. A few pics of our shaggy bear + Odee’s Favorite Things at 8 months!


Teddy Bear Puppy | Kelly Golightly

She’s such a sweet fluff! And even though she is super playful and can get overly excited, she’s also oddly calm about certain things.

Rainbow Skirt | Kelly Golightly

The groomer, for instance, said it wasn’t normal for a puppy to be that calm and good, especially on her first visit. He couldn’t get over her sweet disposition and personality, and she is indeed a total lovebug.

Yellow Door Palm Springs | Kelly Golightly

She had to go to the vet on her 8-month birthday, and she charmed the people there as well, giving kisses to the vet’s assistant the minute she left her crate.

Rainbow Skirt | Kelly Golightly

Of course, this makes our heart swell, but I’m not sure how much credit we can take since she was a lovebug from day one.

Cockapoos at 8 Months | Kelly Golightly

Look how big little bear has gotten! She’s up to 21 lbs, 6ozs.

Puppy Love: My cockapoo Odee Golightly at 8 months | Kelly Golightly

She’s fully potty trained, sleeps through the night in our bed with us, and knows sit, lay and stand (as you can see above!).

My sweet cockapoo puppy Odee Golightly at 8 months | Kelly Golightly

We still plan to take her to obedience classes because she needs to learn to drop it, come and stay, but we’ll get there.

Sparkly Skirt | Kelly Golightly

She loves other dogs but mostly she loves people.

Puppy Love: Odee at 8 months | Kelly Golightly

 She’ll tackle you with kisses at first sight.

Odee’s Favorite Things at 8 Months

  1. Laying on her Daddy’s feet.
  2. Laying ON my face.
  3. Chewing on my hair.
  4. Socks, particularly dirty ones.
  5. Chewing on the husk of palm trees.
  6. Going on walks.
  7. TREATS!
  8. Playing fetch with her tennis ball.
  9. Wrestling with her giant strawberry.
  10. Chasing bees (we’re working on that).
  11. Tummy rubs!

Odee loves tummy rubs and being in the center of the action. She follows us wherever we go and if we give each other a kiss, she jumps in the middle to contribute.

She’s the best!

She’s sleeping at my feet now as I type this and I have to refrain from reaching down to cuddle her.

Do you have a fur baby you are obsessed with? What are their favorite things or cute quirks?


p.s. Many of you on Instagram asked about her new banana leaf dog bed. I found it here!

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