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Welcome to 2011, darling readers. It’s the year of the rabbit, and while I might not be munching on kale anytime soon, I’d like to kick things off with five things in my beauty arsenal that I can’t live without and think that you’ll love too. Because feeling your best should be an everyday goal, not just an annual resolution (that said, I may or may not consume a chocolate before, during and after #3). Wishing you a gorgeous, shiny, delicious 2011!

1. NARS Funny Face Lipstick It was on my Christmas wishlist after seeing my darling fashionista friend Helen wear it, who then surprised me with a tube of my own for Christmas! It totally brightens up the everyday and makes me feel vavavoom instead of blah blah blah doom. Bonus points for not being drying at all — I was purely a Chapstick and lipgloss girl before, but my eyes have been opened — and my lips brightened.

2. Colure True Color Care The only hair products that have truly changed my hair for the better (shinier, softer, less frizzy), so much so that I got my Mom the Super Rich-Texture Trio for Christmas and she loves it as much as I do. “Because we’re worth it.” Oh wait…

3. Netflix Workouts Different things work for different people – the gym, studio classes, personal trainers, rollerskating in a thong. But enough about my Dad, for me, I like the privacy of sweating and looking like a fool in my own home, so workout DVDs are for me. Which is why Netflix rocks. The live streaming option lets you access so much instantly (though you can also get DVDs in the mail, or just buy the DVDs on Amazon). I’m a huge fan of SELF Magazine’s DVD workouts (SELF — Your Best Butt Fast – ha!, SELF — Bikini Body Fast, SELF — Slim and Sleek Fast), which I then embarrassingly have to follow up the next day with Healing Yoga for Aches and Pains, undoubtedly cheesy, but it helps my hammies so I can walk (to FroYo Life) again. The best thing is having access to so many options that it’s impossible to get bored (boredom, the arch nemesis of tight buns).

4. Shake Weight – Yes it makes you look like Jenna Jameson and is to this year what the Snuggie was to Christmas last year, completely embarrassing yet coveted all at once. But, it’s way more fun than lifting weights and it only takes six minutes. After getting it (and giving it) for Christmas, I’ve already seen a difference, proven by the fact that I walk around constantly saying “feel my bicep!” Watch out Ripa, there’s a new Kelly in town.

5. Lancome FLASH BRONZER — While I have no desire to look like Snooki, despite my penchant for beehives and short skirts, I’m a fan of anything that easily makes my complexion look better and lets me wear less makeup. After Lucky editors insisted that this self-tanner gel for legs was the best self-tanner for not only your body but also your face, it shot straight to my Christmas wishlist and my sweet sis gifted it to me (along with another must I just remembered, Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner – it truly is the best, as is my sis, obvi!). It doesn’t have a strong fragrance like typical self-tanners, it doesn’t streak, it dries within minutes and doesn’t come off on your clothes. Wham, tan, thank you ma’am.

What are your beauty musts and resolutions? I’d love to know!

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