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How to Throw a Dynasty-Themed Party

Do you have any fun plans for New Year’s Eve? While I would love to be sunning myself on a deserted tropical island, it looks like we might just be staying in town. So I am pondering ideas. I recently attended a Dynasty-themed holiday party, which was a blast (from the past!) and could make for a very fun New Year’s Eve party (or even for. H! Here are a few photos and ideas on how to throw a Dynasty-themed party of your own!


Muffy, Watson, Alex P. Keaton and Bunny


What to wear? Lots of gold, sequins and animal prints, of course! Lucky for me, I had just attended Paula Abdul’s estate sale, where, much to my delight, I unearthed a corduroy leopard-print jacket from the $10 bin. While pondering what I would wear on the bottom, out of the corner of my eye I spied more corduroy leopard in another bin, and voila, a pantsuit was born!


Bitsy, Lovie, Bunny and Muffy


To add to the ’80s glamour, I tossed on every sparkly bauble I could find (including my wedding shoes!). And never one to not bring a hostess gift, I brought candy cigarettes and a large Ziploc full of powdered sugar (’twas organic!).

The fabulous hostesses Bitsy and Lovie (a.k.a. Amanda and Chrystina; as seen on the left) awarded prizes, and I was thrilled to win Best Dressed Dynasty Ensemble! I think having to wear pants that were two sizes too small (I couldn’t sit; only stand — that Paula Abdul is an itty bitty dancing machine!) might have gained me the prize.

My friend Muffy (otherwise known as Jenny), took home Best Dressed for her turban-tastic ensemble.

I take two steps forward, I take two steps back…


It was a ridiculously fun night (muchas smooches to the hostesses!) and could be a really fun idea for a last-minute New Year’s Eve bash or Halloween.

And, it inspired me to throw a theme party of my own in the New Year…

The only question is, what theme?

Have you ever attended (or hosted) a fun theme party?

I’d love to hear your ideas xx!

p.s. Mr. Buss looked adorable and very Alex P. Keaton in a Porsche tie and I Heart NY cufflinks, though he did have outfit envy when he saw Watson’s turtleneck-and-blazer combo. 😉


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