Julia Clancey Kaftans & ManServants


My dear friend Alle of Alle Abroad, who is like a little sister to me, celebrated her 30th birthday at The Pond Estate in Palm Springs this past weekend. The theme? Desert Disco! What’s a girl to wear to a disco-themed party? Enter Julia Clancey, a London and LA-based designer who makes the most fun party dresses and kaftans ever. You can find my kaftan here (and a longer version here) and see more colors below. Plus, meet ManServants (yes, for real!)…


Green fringe Julia Clancey Kaftan

Kelly Go Lightly in a green fringe kaftan in Palm Springs

Green fringe kaftan outfit with matching turban and earrings

Julia Clancey Kaftans & ManServants Party

Manservants at party in Palm Springs




I’m wearing the Madam Mini Mint Frou Kaftan and Alle is wearing the pink Lady Frou Bonbon Kaftan.

They are the MOST fun to twirl in and to do impromptu photo shoots.

Which tinsel caftan color would you choose: pink, mint green, gold, silver?

Would you choose short or long?

Tell me in the comments!




Oh, and these gentlemen above are ManServants (their name for themselves, not mine!). What’s a man servant, you ask? “A gentleman sent to treat women like queens,” says their website.

You can hire them as bartenders or helpers at parties to make your soiree even that much more fun. Ashley of Everyday Pursuits had them at her bachelorette party in Palm Springs, if you need more eye candy inspiration.

You can check out their, erm, packages here. They service (teehee) Southern California (LA, Palm Springs, etc) as well as New York City.

The ManServants Instagram is a very fun follow (ManServants was created and is run by women).




Outfit details below and be sure to keep an eye on Alle’s blog and Instagram to see more details and photos from the party!

As an aside, Alle plans fun luxury GalsAbroad trips to places like Paris and the Loire Valley, in which you can stay in castles, make your own perfume, take private tours of Versailles, you know totes norm stuff. She’s fun to follow (@allepierce) and I will definitely be booking a trip soon!


Julia Clancey Caftans in A Rainbow of Colors

Julia Clancey Turbans


Photos by Fred Moser

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