Calling all earth angels.
Earth Day is right around the corner and while you may be doing your part to be green (no, eating green M&Ms sadly does not count), we’re sure someone in your family or inner circle isn’t (hello, Mother).
Want to jumpstart them on the road to being eco-fabulous?
Get thee to Greensender.
The smart eco-friendly company sends green starter packs to your chosen recipients.
Each box includes a SIGG water bottle (plastic water bottles are so last year), a reusable grocery tote bag (roomier than most, which is a big plus in our book), an energy-efficient cfl light bulb (you’ll be amazed at how much you save on your electric bill) and a super-soft organic cotton t-shirt (a girl’s gotta look cute on Earth Day).
It may be trendy to be green (Jaye Hersh, fashion pioneer and owner of Intuition in LA, listed Greensender as a favorite site when we chatted with her recently), but you can’t argue that it’s not needed. Send one for Earth Day, for Mother’s Day or just because you love the planet.
Go to Greensender!
P.S. Greensender loves us too and is giving kellygolightly readers a free Greensender organic cotton t-shirt with every order of $30 or more! Simply enter BUSSGREEN in the comments section of the checkout process. Be sure to note size and male/female for free tee.

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