How is it almost New Year’s Eve?  I haven’t even gotten to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays yet! We just got back to Palm Springs after spending Christmas in Tahoe, where I took a break from being online, which, while much-needed, left me missing you and more than a few days behind. I truly hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy Holidays spending time with those you hold dearest.

Speaking of, New Year’s Eve is nearly upon us… What do you have planned? Do you like to go all out or play it low-key? While I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be doing come December 31st, I do know that you don’t have to be on Diddy’s yacht or in Times Square to have a great time. In fact, a good old-fashioned kiki may just be the perfect way to spend New Year’s Eve — or any random Tuesday for that matter. You wanna have a kiki? Let’s have a kiki!

Here, my boo Miss Kris and I share our 7 Musts for a Good Kiki.


1. Cozy-Chic Clothing

A good kiki is all about getting cozy, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your glam. Whether it’s actual pajamas that just happen to be glam like Kristen’s animal-print jammies or a fancy sweatshirt and pajama pants made for wearing in public like I’m wearing, it’s all about being comfy and chic. Kick off your shoes and snuggle in for some girl talk and good times.

let's have a kiki

And don’t forget the sparkle!

gina made it bun bows

2. Good Food

You can’t kiki without snacks. Like with fashion, I like to mix, high and low, salty and sweet, healthy(ish) and…not so much. Kristen brought these frozen CPK pizzas that were surprisingly delicious and I put some of my favorite snacks into pretty bowls and onto cake plates: roasted Blue Diamond Almonds, GH Creators cheddar popcorn, Food Should Taste Good chips, Godiva truffles.

blue diamond almonds; skinnygirl cocktailssaltysnacks

Tip: To make all your food look pretty, never serve food in the package it comes in. This is the time to pull out your pretty bowls, cake plates and trays. Your food deserves the red carpet treatment too!


 3. Good Drinks

You can’t kiki without something to sip on. Ready-to-serve drinks means no playing bartender. Some faves: Skinnygirl White Peach Margaritas, bubbly, or white wine. Or a gin martini straight up will do. (Notice how all of these drinks are clear? If someone spills, who cares!) It’s always nice to have non-alcoholic options too, like sparkling cider, grapefruit soda, ginger beer or sparkling water.

kristenkikiblue diamond almonds; skinnygirl cocktails

4. Good Music

Good music makes any party better — and gives you something to dance to (other than those voices in your head). I love playing records on the record player, as it adds a little vintage flair, and the Breakfast at Tiffany’s album is my favorite (what could be more inspiring than the music from the Breakfast at Tiffany’s party scene, the original kiki if you ask me!). No record player? No problem. A good playlist or Pandora works too.

breakfast at tiffany's recordlet's have a kiki; i wanna have a kiki; what's a kiki; define kiki

5. Fun Decor

I like to use what I have, even furniture from other rooms, such as moving a wall mirror from the bedroom and placing it on top of my ottoman to up the fancy factor. Unless you’re watching the boob tube, it can often be an eye sore. So we played the yule log (which plays On Demand on Time Warner Cable or you can Chromecast it from YouTube to your TV). It adds a cozy element. A few party props like noise makers, party hats, tinsel and it instantly feels festive. Display food on pretty trays and in your best bowls. Serve drinks in your glammiest glasses (no plastic cups allowed – go for the glam!).

tina turner record

6. Cute Photos

Every good party, whether you have one guest or 100, is more fun with photos. From the old school like Polaroids to the modern such as snapping selfies, not only are photos fun to take while at the party (instant entertainment), they’re so fun to look at the morning after…and post on Instagram!

selfie phone case, how to take a good selfie; what is a selfie?polaroidshakeit

Shake it like a Polaroid picture!


How cute is this Selfie case by my girl B.Jones?selfiecase

7. A Bestie

You can’t have a kiki without a good friend. I love my friend Kristen not just because she can make diamonds out of dust, but because she always makes me laugh (proof: I look tipsy with joy in almost all of these photos, but I hadn’t had a drop to drink…yet!). She’s also from Texas and while we have a lot in common, we’re different enough that we’re never bored. For instance, when she came over, I had my Breakfast at Tiffany’s record playing, with Audrey on the cover (naturally), and she had brought a record too: Tina Turner! That pretty much sums her (and us) up right there.


Great friends and good company can’ be beat. Why not grab a bestie (or five) and ring in the New Year together with a good old-fashioned kiki?

kelly golightly and miss kris kelly lee and kristen turner glitter n glue; how to kiki; how to throw a last-minute new year's eve party

Happy kiki-ing! And be sure to head over to Kristen’s site for more kiki tips and the scoop on what she’s wearing.

What I’m Wearing:

TOP: Heartloom (also here) c/o

PANTS: SAM&LAVI (also here) c/o

BOWS: Gina Made It c/o

Ring: Trina Turk

Selfie Case: Beth Jones x Caseable c/o

Pillows: tbagslosangeles c/o

[Photos by Fred Baby]

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