Fall in Palm Springs

It’s the first day of fall and I’m so excited to be ringing in the season with good friends this weekend! It’s been awhile since we’ve had overnight guests and Fred Baby and I are both really looking forward to it. Here’s why + weekend links, including what nearly broke the internet today — and I don’t mean Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy announcement!

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The temps dropped into the 80s during the day and it’s supposed to be in the 60s at night! The pool heater is on, and I’m looking forward to chats around the fire pit and lounging in the hot tub. Since our friends also happen to be bloggers (Sydne, Sheryl and An) and blogger husbands (Reuben + Chris), I’m sure a photo shoot or two is on the horizon as well. But mostly I’m looking forward to hugging my friends and having some real talk and real fun.

How was your week? Ours started with a bang, as we had the amazing opportunity to shoot with the Aqualillies thanks to the lovely Liz Martin of The Charleston Weekender. Stay tuned for pics soon! The best part of blogging, other than getting to connect with YOU, is that I’ve met so many of my friends this way (see above paragraph). 😉

Liz and I met during Modernism Week and hit it off instantly. You likely already know from this post that the last year hasn’t exactly been an easy one, and this was the first time all year I’ve been to someone else’s house (we shot at this amazing Acme House Co. vacation rental). I’m so glad things are heading in the right direction. And while that might seem like such a tiny feat for most of you, it was a big feat for me. And a big fete. Seriously can’t wait to share pics soon!

What are you up to this weekend? Did you do anything fun this week? Are you excited for the change of seasons or are you #teamsummer? I’d love to know…


Weekend Links

We watched Jerry Before Seinfeld on Netflix and laughed the entire time.

Tonight I’m looking forward to Lady Gaga’s documentary, Gaga: Five Foot Two, to see how she deals with her autoimmune disease, Fibromyalgia.

Set your DVRs for Family Feud THIS Sunday as our friends Sal + Ross + fam take on Faith Evans’ family (8P ET/PT on ABC). Sal came to SLAY!

This practically broke the Internet because: AH-mazing. Also, how gorgeous is Cindy Crawford’s daughter, Kaia Gerber?

These sparkly sandals make me feel like dressing up + hitting the town!

My KayleeBug is doing a Chocolate, Nut + Magazine Sale for her Girl Scout troop. She called up last night SO excited because she reached her initial goal of $200. She couldn’t believe it! My heart swelled. She’s now upped her goal to $300. If you feel like making her day and helping the Scouts be able to do more community service projects (she’s obsessed with animals and they are always helping out at the Humane Society!), the deals on magazine subscriptions are really good. I indulged in a People Magazine subscription because it was only $1/issue!

A grain + dairy-free cake I can actually have? Sign me up!

The 19 most fashionable movies on Netflix. Do you have a favorite?

My Dad’s been struggling with terrible insomnia and anxiety lately so I turned him onto this 13-minute kundalini yoga/meditation video that I do, as well as this ASMR video that I watch every night at bedtime. Guess what? It worked! I know it sounds weird, but I keep trying to spread the word about ASMR because it’s free, drug-free and it WORKS. Have you tried it?

Perhaps file this under TMI, but what haven’t we talked about here lately…breakdowns, brain orgasms, you name it. When my Dad asked me why I was really tired one day this week and I said it’s because I’m on my period, he said, “ That sounds like an excuse, I’ve never heard of such a thing – someone being tired because they’re on their period.” Do you want me to give you his email address so you can let him know if you’ve felt otherwise? 😉 Never mind that I’m also anemic. Dads, amiright?

These ballet-inspired shoes are so lovely!

I’m pretty sure if I don’t order this pleated gold skirt I’ll regret it. So easy to dress up and down! Also loving this marigold pleated skirt. This silver version is great too. Which would you choose?


On Kelly Golightly this week:

The small brand I love love + you will too, especially if you love monograms.

Where would you spend NEXT summer if you could choose anywhere in the world? (I was surprised at how many of you on Instagram suggested Michigan. We lived in Detroit for a year and it makes me regret not exploring more of the state while we were there.


Reader comments that had me giggling and daydreaming:

My Barbie doll had a racquet bag like this!@thelaurenisaacs on this post

Nantucket Island is quaint, beautiful, relaxing and wonderful! I would highly recommend you going there, especially since you mentioned it. I love Nantucket! — @libleego on this post

I live near the Swiss mountains and love them, but in the summer I want the sea. Corsica beaches and water are stunning, Cornwall in the U.K., West Coast of Portugal. — @lottekcox on this post

We often visit mid-coast Maine during the summer. Monhegan Island is magical – literally! — Jennifer on this post


Have a great first fall weekend xo!


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