Have you traveled anywhere since Covid and the pandemic? We escaped last week for our first getaway since March to Lake Powell. Here are a few pics + where to get a flowy cape dress like this!


(similar dress + sunglasses)

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Flowy Cape Dress in Lake Powell

Hi hi! It’s been a minute. Honestly, it’s been hard to be inspired to post lately what with the world and everything going on. Let’s just say my mental health hasn’t been at its best (though nothing concerning to worry about). Staying at home and only seeing two people since March has taken its toll. That said, we know how lucky we are to be able to stay safe at home.

We’ve stayed put since early March, but finally decided to try venturing out the safest way we thought possible. It’s all risk vs. reward. And we decided it was time to tip-toe back into the world — as safely as we could.

So we hit the road in Sally Tomatwo (our Sprinter Van that has its own kitchen + bath) for a short Southwest road trip. I will share more soon, along with whether or not I think it was worth it to travel and tips on how you could travel more safely, but one of the highlights was a visit to Lake Powell, where we rented a boat.


The landscape is absolutely stunning, otherworldly in fact, like being on Mars or the moon. We enjoyed a day on the lake, taking it all in from a double decker pontoon boat.


While I was in a bathing suit 99% of the time, it was fun to put on this pretty, flowy cape dress and feel a little glamorous, at least while we snapped these photos. It was good for the soul and made me feel like myself again. And well, that is pretty priceless.


This dress is by Trina Turk from last year (I wore it when I shot this commercial for the City of Palm Springs), but I you can find similar options here and linked below.


Have you ventured out yet?


If so, where did you go? How did it feel? I’d love to know…





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