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Whew, August, you feel like December!  Lately, things have skyrocketed professionally. I honestly don’t know why (I am NOT complaining) but it’s like the universes all of the sudden said, ” Here is everything you’ve ever wanted. Enjoy!”

To which my response was “HOLY WOW, thank you, Universe!”

Quickly followed by, “HALP!”

I’ve known I needed help for awhile (remember these goals?) but it’s to the point where it’s not even a choice anymore. Which is great. But also really scary. This week alone I signed five contracts (#likeaboss) and confirmed three amazing press features (because when you’re a blogger and an entrepreneur, you are your own publicist, agent, lawyer, accountant, etc.)

I am grateful beyond words. And proud. But also freakin’ exhausted. I am beginning to learn that even though I can technically handle all of those roles, 1) I don’t want to,  2) How well can I handle them as things progress? and 3) What’s left over of me to give to those I love? There’s little time, let alone energy, left in a day to be a good wife, aunt, friend, sister, daughter. And those things matter to me.

The summer before 9th (or was it 10th?) grade, my coach (and history teacher — this was Texas, after all) sat me down for a talk. I was playing volleyball, cheerleading, and about to go out for the cross-country team. It felt like a lot, but I’d been asked by the various coaches to participate and who was I to say no? Plus, it was a good opportunity, right? Coach Carter was frank with me. He said, “You can do all of those things. But you won’t be able to be great at any of them.”

It kind of stopped me in my tracks. Coming from a world where all you ever heard as a kid is that you can do anything you want, I was a little taken aback. I thought, man that’s harsh. You don’t know that. I can do anything I want! But after it sunk in, I got what he was saying. I could be okay, maybe even pretty good, at a handful of things. Or, if I focused and was more selective, I could work at being great at one of those.

Well, I ended up not going out for the cross-country team, but did end up running track later that year, and ended up being pretty good, but not great, at all of those things. It was a quick talk that maybe lasted two minutes, but has been one of those things that’s stuck with me ever since. Stuck with me, but I certainly haven’t always put into practice. In fact, it’s one of those lessons I find myself learning over and over again.

You too? Do you have any tips on how to pick which things to say yes to and focus on? And relinquish control, learn to trust others to help you, and delegate? I’m all ears…

Happy (working) weekend!


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