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Happy 2014 from Palm Springs! Cheers to an incredible year filled with adventures, love and light. Do you have any resolutions? I’d love to hear. Here are 14 resolutions on my list… 


Okay, resolutions isn’t exactly right, but here’s what I’m looking forward to the first few months of 2014:

1. The People’s Choice Awards Thanks to my friend Jamie and CoverGirl, I’ll be attending my first Hollywood Awards Show next week. {Can you hear that high-pitched squealing? It’s my teenage self freaking out!) Now…what to wear?

2. Hosting a Slim Aarons-style BBQ Next week I’ll also be hosting my first party of the year, a Hart of Dixie meets Slim Aarons-style BBQ and Bourbon Bash and I’m so excited for the possibilities and the location (a Hollywood Hills mansion with insane views). I hope to make the most of opportunities like this and can’t wait to share the results – I’m hoping all my Slim Aarons fantasies come true.

3. Styling a magazine shoot – I’m thrilled to be styling a shoot for a magazine this month, too. It was one of my biggest goals last year — to get away from the computer and style more parties, homes and shoots — creative directing, if you will, so I’m very excited.

4. Zion National Park – We’ve heard amazing things and hope to go later this month. We love nothing more than an open road.

5. Modernism Week– I love our adopted home town of Palm Springs and will be sharing highlights as part of the Mod Squad again this February.

6. Barcelona – We’ll be heading to Barcelona in February (and maybe Germany too…and if I have my way maybe Italy…or Cappadocia?). We’ve been once before but this time have friends living there, so are excited to see them and get their insider’s view of Gwynny’s fave city.

7. My parents visiting Palm Springs – We had such a great time having my parents in Palm Springs in October to celebrate their 40th anniversary that they’re coming back again in February. #successfulsalestrip

8. Revamping the Kelly Golightly website – There are some backend things that need to happen to make things work better for you. Plus, I need to get some legal things squared away. (Not my jam, but needs to happen.)

9. Staying healthy – A lot of last year was a struggle due to vertigo and subsequent anxiety and panic attacks (fun on the highway!), which turned out to be due to medication being off. It was such a bummer. But I’m so grateful that it all seems to be straightened out. This is the best I’ve felt in over 10 years, and I look forward to keeping things on the upswing.

10. Collaborating with creatives – One of last year’s big highlights was getting to collaborate with so many fab designers, bloggers, brands, photogs and creatives. It’s so much more rewarding than rolling solo. And I’ve got some more fun collabs on the books for 2014. Can’t wait to share!

11. April in San Francisco –  We’ll be in SF to celebrate my niece’s 1st birthday in April. Can’t believe how quickly time is flying. Trying not to cry.

12. A visit from my sister & niece – Speaking of, my sister has promised that she’ll be coming to visit this spring with my KayleeBug and I can’t wait! It’s been 3 or 4 years since they’ve been out here, so I am over the moon.

13. Buying a new (and old) car –  Fred Baby and I have been trying to buy a new car for what seems like two years now. But I’m not a fan of most new car designs (snooze!). And it’s hard to spend so much money on something we’re not even excited about. But we need something with modern safety standards and all that jazz. To compromise, we’re also on the hunt for a fun vintage car to tool around the desert in. THAT I am excited about.

14. Hiring help – I’ve hit the point where I can’t keep up with everything myself anymore, which is a very fortunate problem to have and I’m grateful. But I’m also scared. I’m used to working solo – well that’s not exactly true, as I couldn’t do what I do without Fred Baby, but having to change out of my pajamas before lunch will be an adjustment. Here’s to putting on my big girl pants and figuring it out.

What are you looking forward to in 2014? Anything that makes your heart race?

p.s. Do you keep an Amazing Life List? For me, keeping a list help keeps me accountable. And I’m really surprised by how many things I’ve been lucky enough to knock off my list that I originally wrote four years ago. There’s really something to that notion of if you put it out into the universe, it happens. Very The Secret, I know, but it seems to be true, don’t you think?

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