Grand Cayman Helicopter Ride

Grand Cayman From Above

Today I’m excited to share one of our favorite experiences with you from our Caribbean adventure with Celebrity Cruises.

Stingray City from Above in Grand cayman

A helicopter ride!

Seven Mile Beach from Above in Grand Cayman

I know what you’re probably thinking.

Best Beaches in the World in Grand Cayman

Aren’t you the girl with vertigo who is afraid of heights? The one who had to literally crawl across your hotel room in San Francisco because the view from your sky-high room freaked you out? The one who had to sneak to find the interior elevators meant for employees and not guests?

Best Things To Do in Grand Cayman

Why yes, yes that’s me!

view from above Stingray City

But oddly — and thankfully — on this day I was so excited for the experience that I wasn’t anxious at all (a pre-trip pina colada on Seven Mile Beach may have helped a little). But just look at that water! It’s the prettiest water I have ever seen.

Most Beautiful Water in the World

  This is directly over Stingray City, one of the top-rated activities on Grand Cayman — but I think seeing it from above can’t be beat.

woman at the beach with yellow hat and pink dress

Our helicopter pilot was the best too, a Frenchman with a killer sense of humor. We did not alert him to the fact that I was a little apprehensive of heights before our flight, so mid-way through he began to do tricks, which Fred Baby loved and which made me scream. Repeatedly. When the pilot turned back to me, he said “Relax, darling.” That’s when Fred Baby replied, “She’s afraid of heights.” The look on the pilot’s face was pretty priceless.

Sometimes it’s good to scare yourself, right? I know if I didn’t push through my own fears, I wouldn’t have half of the experience I’ve been lucky enough to have. Thanks to Celebrity Cruises for providing it!

Have you ever been on a helicopter ride?

Photos by Fred Moser


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